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Here is food for thought, you have a problem which a little 1 to 1 may well sort out with a call to glasgow, in our Corp not something you can do without your PC asking your OCs permission???? In the RLC every man and jack from private to OC stacker can ring up any time, and enquire about his future, are there records desks bigger than ours?? more phones??? better staff?? Should we be able to call ourselves if our section IC deems it worthy of 1 to 1?? How do the biggest Corp in the Army do such a sterling service for its personnel??
How's about booking an interview on a MCM Div roadshow or even waiting around at the end and asking them a question - without clearing it first with your boss - that happens all the time.

Not sure all 13000 loggie soldiers call direct either, despite what you think. If everyone rang up it would be anarchy and no-one's posting would be sorted out as everyone would be on the phone all the time!!

I think you could ask a direct question to them via ArmyNet too - records have a forum on there.

Worst case you could ask for a career review (via your OC) and you would get a reply.

Hope your "problem" is solvable, or were you being rhetorical??

What is the problem with doing it thru your boss anyway?
If RLC MCM Div do such a good job why is it that the majority of their soldiers are overdue career courses?
It is up to units to load RLC soldiers onto career courses. This effectively means that the majority of them are overdue class 1 and other money earning courses.
And why do we think they do not load these courses?
Because they spend most of the working day answering bone questions from RLC soldiers
In the majority of cases REME MCM Div look after REME soldiers better than the other Divs. That is from personal experience of dealing with the other Divs as well as our own. I don't know of any REME soldiers who are 18 months overdue a class one course, but i do know of at least 6 RLC soldiers in that situation.

They might not be perfect, but they do provide a good service when left alone to do their job. Being able to phone up and ask questions as individual soldiers would just overload the system.
T_M. I agree totally with your assertion that the service received from REME MCM Div is infinitely preferable to that from RLC MCM Div. I have not noticed all RLC soldiers phoning up for a chat about courses and postings on a regular basis though.

I would suggest, however, that the service gets better as one climbs the promotion ladder. Can you honestly say you have never overloaded the system, as you put it, by phoning up as an individual about your own posting.

My own feeling is that if the preference of posting system could be linked to a system of publicising upcoming vacancies, it would go some way to reducing the need to call MCM Div before posting. The current list of postings by area is a good step in the right direction and I feel could be modified to forecast the approximate date at which a posting will become vacant. I realise this is a simplistic proposal and there are many technical and staff reasons for not implementing this but I don't feel these problems would be insurmountable.

I believe that this would be a useful tool in the battle to improve retention. In my experience, the current preference of posting system is not generally perceived to be successful, in spite of statistical evidence to the contrary.
Im not saying that we should be able to ring for a chat or out of boredom, but through a line mananger like a SGt/SSGT, the freedom to ring and not treat the place like a palace in the sky out of our reach. Records have always given me a good service, but what im saying is, the opportunity for contact should be easier, and make soldiers feel like they can have 1 to 1 where they need it. The RLC lads i know phone up when they need to, but there are no middle men trying to explain situations, they get permission and ring themselves.
I like the proposal put forward there milkandtwo, and totally agree that the job search uwoojigmeflip has made it a lot easier to at least realise that there is only 1 particular post in an area etc etc.
I would love to not have to waste paper/time/etc by sending a dream sheet up to Glasgee only for there to be no vacancy for me to fill in any of my choices.
Tell me what there is and i will make my choice. Ha ha simplistic i know but Mrs Catch would then not whinge at having to serve another tour in Lands End LAD when i wanted John o' Groats Wksp.
Nice one milk and two, a top idea, if it was put into action then maybe it would settle a lot of problems, and although a twat to get up and running, once it was in use Records would probably have less calls to deal with.

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