Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by clerk5678, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. clerk5678

    clerk5678 Swinger


    Can anyone tell me what the position is on recording conversations without the other person knowing. Are there specific rules against this and can the person doing the recording be disciplined or worse?
  2. Tinman74

    Tinman74 Guest

  3. You can record with out the knowledge of the individuals involved if you dont share it with a third party (without the recorded peeps permission), so as a backup of an interview your in a legal grey area. But Im sure if you have someone dening the conversation took place you can offer it to the third party with their permission, then it may place them on the other foot.
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  4. clerk5678

    clerk5678 Swinger

    I understand the issue from a civilian legal point of view but how does the army treat this issue.
  5. grey_man_2

    grey_man_2 Old-Salt

    Well, for a start it's not demonstrating large amounts of integrity or respect for others. Plus, if it's illegal civvie then it's illegal Army.
  6. I think you're allowed to video record conversations on your mobile phone without the other person knowing, but only so long as you turn the sound down on the microphone. And then if you put it on YouTube you have to pixalate over the mouthal area, in case of lip readers.
  7. You're probably female, unpopular in your unit, and the recent spate of more talented individuals being promoted ahead of you combined with a visit from the crimson grenade has embittered you to the point of rage.

    Have a lie down love- you're getting all illegal.
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  8. Or get around it with a specially worded comment, when walking into the office ask if you dont mind them making a record of the conversation, whilst carrying a notepad and pen, if they say yes, then It will be on record in the dictaphone in your pocket. That s the legal bit out of the way, if not then its a transcript for you keep for later
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  9. quick-morser

    quick-morser Guest

    If a public body (ie police, council, military) want to do it then they need an authority signed off at an appropriate level - depending on the circumstances it could even be required to go to home office for approval. The guidelines are very strict for when this appropriate and how the justification for it is maintained. Its covered by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000.

    A private individual can do without any such conerns but as has already been mentioned is quite a grey area. If you wish to record a phonecall to help you make notes afterwards then it could be argued thats its entirely reasonable to ask the others permission first.

    Are you the recorder or the recorded??
  10. It's having a big flounce on another thread about being seen off for promotion. It needs a cuddle and lie-down.
  11. Fat_Cav

    Fat_Cav LE

    If you're a clerk why don't you just type it on a lappie as they say it. As long as they don't mind you slowing them down if they talk too fast or say a word with lots of difficult letters, then I believe that should be OK

    How many WPM can you do?
  12. Gadgwah

    Gadgwah LE

    On a point here.

    1) What would be the situation if say you put it on a speaker phone and a 3rd party was listening, and or taking shorthand of what was said,

    2) I do not believe there is any problem with writing notes as you have the conversation, so technically, could you not record it, transcribe it, destroy recording etc (Okay, you could be in for perjury, if caught denying the recording, etc,) which is a tad illegal, but what about writing it down, do you need permission?

    I do not know, so these are genuine questions.

  13. It's almost certainly hoping to incriminate a colleague or boss, so it's best not to give it too much advice mate.