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Recording wanted.


Book Reviewer
I'm posting this here as it will get a wider audience.

A few years ago I was given a tape of an after dinner speaker. His name was David (something). He was an Ex RAF Lightning pilot who on leaving went into Air Traffic Control before becoming an after dinner speaker.

Does this ring a bell with anyone and if so does anyone know where I can get a copy.

Thanks ever so.


(That's a first, a post without using the word cunt!)
Good grief - my aunt gave me a cassette recording of his after dinner speech from some shindig or other - it was hilarious. I loved his description of how to fly a helicopter - "It's dead easy, there is only one rule you have to adhere to - and that is that the joy-stick has to be constantly wiggled about" - and anyone who has watched a helicopter pilot (especially when hovering) will know this to be true.

However - it must be decades since I actually played a tape, or had a tape-player, but there just may be a chance that the cassette in question didn't get chucked out the last time I moved.

Will look tonight

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