Recording old cassettes onto CD

I'm looking for help here. I have a mass of old cassettes from my younger days that I would like to record onto CD. My p/c has a sound card but it will only record a max of 60 seconds. What do I need to download/install to record?
I use a program called RIPVinyl. that I downloaded from t'interweb for the princely sum of a fiver. Plug in cassette player to mike input on sound card and away you go. Works really well.
Hi I use COOLEDIT PRO it allows me to record the entire cassette then chop it into individual tracks or record individually.
It used to be shareware but I think its now purchase
Technical hardware set up as above

Get a hold of SOUNDFORGE (some very considerate people have it on shareware & will provide keygens). It's the daddy for ripping analogue/phono tracks. I've used it for recording mixes & for burning individual tracks on vinyl to MP3.
Why not subscribe to one of the on-line mp3 services and just download the old stuff? By the time you've sorted out the cassettes you could have sparkling clear downloads.

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