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Record Store Day 2018: anything take your fancy?

Last year I drove some distance to get some Pink Floyd and Bowie stuff, only to find out recently there is an RSD dealer within 5 miles of Tour Dodger Towers.


Popped over there today ( time spent in reconnaissance is seldom something or other ) and will hope to get four Bowie albums and a Pink Floyd / Piper remaster. There may be some others tha take my fancy but thats my main effort. I also saw the 45th reissue of Aladdin Sane - one of the greatest Glam Rock albums ever, and ChangesTwoBowie, silver and blue vinyl respectively.

Will need to be there around 0530.

RSD 2018 - Record Store Day
RSD 2018 - Record Store Day
I would if I could play records without worrying about cats damaging them, for some reason the record player is a pussy magnet

Will probably get The Alarm EP myself
Going to venture out to a store about 12 miles from where I live, later after taking the pooch out. The Who & Electric Wizzard are on my list.
WAs at my LRS at 0500. Thought I'd be first, I was number 24.

Got all I wanted bar one Bowie album. Of the LPs I bought, after getting up at 0415, all where available today...

To supplement my vinyl collection it’s mostly charity shops and this lot.

Omega Auctions

They auction of loads of good stuff, £150 for maybe 100 albums, blues, rock, soul etc the only down side is a trip to Warrington to collect.

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