Record of Service books (and equiv)

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Wpeile, May 30, 2008.

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  1. During my brief brush with being an ACF AI, I noticed that the cadets were not issued with RoS books, which are extrememly useful in keeping track of all the qualifications and courses passed, as well as holding parental conscent for activities such as flying, gliding and various types of shooting.

    As a cadet I was issued one, but then I was in the CCF, and I know the ATC have them issued (mostly for flying and gliding hours to be recorded in). Is it "standard policy" in the ACF not to issue these books? Seems to be in my old county, unless it's just been the groups of cadets I was working with. I was with Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF, if anyone can enlighten me regarding it.
  2. I agree. I would like to see a record of service book issued for every cadet, as well as a service number (which apparently is generated somewhere, by somebody, but is never disclosed to the cadet? odd indeed)

    One day in the future, when I am a det commander, I will issue them myself. They do exist and can be purchased from Military Pocket Books Ltd
  3. I had one as a cadet and every now and then it resurfaces. If i ever spot it again I will post the form number on here.
  4. Never heard of the Record of Service book, although we do have M82/4s (I forget) which are basically just ticking the boxes on what we've passed and what rank we've acheived.
  5. "One of these?"

    Yeah, essentially, although the ATC and CCF get issued a different version, and the ATC one is called a 3822, but in the end, they serve the same purpose.
  6. Really! I went to 218 sqn ATC your at the TA centre in eastwood, rotherham right? :D left ATC and am in the army now though and when i was in cadets our book thing was called 3822
  7. I knew it had four digits and a 3, 8 and a 2 in it, and plupmed a guess as to the order, but now you've put that number up, that is the right one.

    I was at Endcliffe Detachment with the ACF, though did hear of the ATC unit at Rotherham.
  8. Ah right kool but yeah mil pocket books does em matey.
  9. Are you really?
  10. 3822, actually. and it's issued free to all air cadets on enrolment.