Record of Jabs

Anybody else had problems trying to acquire proof of the jabs and immunisations they've had from the NHS??

I was jabbed up for meningitis a few years ago at a different surgery to the one i'm at now but between them they have no record of me having had it!! I don't want to have it again really as it says on my Bravo course leaflet I have to have it at least 10 days before I go.

Anybody got any advice? I really don't want to miss my Bravo course!!
I jumped through all kinds of hoops to get the thing stamped up, re-have missing jabs etc then when i got to Grantham for 1C they said that anyone who hadn't had the MenC jab just had to sign a disclaimer and crack on with the course!
Yeah you see I had that form when I was at Grantham, but on the Bravo course details it says you need it otherwise you will be RTU'd!!
There is a disclaimer with your joining instructions in case you haven't had the jab though this will probably be filled out by your PSI and faxed to the school before you even see it, depending on how on the ball they are, using the information on your RG8.

Alternatively you can get the jab again before you go (it only lasts 3-5 years anyways) through the TA, it is booked by your clerk in the same way they book your entry medical. In my experience the NHS are useless at keeping a record of your jabs.

More important to take with you is a copy of your signed fitness to attend certificate (Annex C to your JIs if you are going to Grantham) and a copy of your TSC (A) report book. You are very unlikely to be RTU'd for not having an in date Men C.

Good luck on your course!
I was told I needed this for TSC(A). Mine was out of date, my GP refused point blank to do it as it was for "occupational health " reasons (This is true - even if it is just casual work :roll: )

Anyway, unit clerk said it was my responsibility and the army wouldn't pay for it , I should change GP (!) etc, there is a thread on it somewhere. In the end I didn't get it done and it was never mentioned again. I suppose if I had had joining instructions more than a week in advance I could have got it and claimed it through JPA although Lord knows how long that would have taken.

Have a search for the thread.
Thanks a lot fot the advice JD150 muchly appreciated. I have my fitness to attend stuff and all that stuff that came with the Bravo stuff. I wil contact the doctors I have previsously registered with tomoz then whoever it is who is in control of recuits at my base.
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