Record for the fastest locked thread?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigeye, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. I was idly musing upon this question after I noticed that Forastero had locked the 'Soldier erects flagpole/ Muslims will be upset' (possibly) thread.

    A shut-down after 24 posts is pretty punchy and must be pretty close to a record for a legitimate thread (albeit one that was in danger of going down a dodgy path for a current affairs forum).

    In lieu of something useful to do before the rugby starts I'll inspect the hole.
  2. I reckon the record will go to this one in 3...2....1

  3. exackerly!
  4. 4.6m is 15'1".
  5. I would seriously consider Loctite for a fast locked thread.

    Seriously, professionals use it, and to be honest it's never let me down whenever I have had to apply it.

    Read the instructions though. It's not for keyboard applications, regardless of how fast you want a thread locked. It's main purpose is as a liquid engineering tool.


    If you are unsure, or averse to liquid, then I can recommend any of the physical locking nuts shown below, any of which will lock a thread for you in seconds. Fill your boots.

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  6. I usually use the orange stuff, five hundred and something. It's more of a seal than anything else.
  7. New fangled technology will always fail,

    Castle nuts are where it's at.

  8. Perhaps after last weekend's sport some of the Moderating team are getting proactive?
  9. Not The Kylie Show by any chance?
  10. Again.....
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  11. Your Nuts:-D
  12. For some reason I read that as, "I could have banged one out about the time I worked with her". Perhaps I just took that for granted?
  13. Would 'Muslim ercts flagpole/Soldiers will be upset' get the same treatment. Just a thought.
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