Record for shortest lived thread....

Posting on behalf of Wynn, because I think he's just utilised his keyboard beyond designed stress limits  ;D

As a counterpoint to "Who was the worst PSI you ever met"

Who is the most useless, gutless STAB Maggot you ever met? (Rank not withstanding)

Right, I'll just take me seat in the Gladitorium  ;D
With an attempt to make it live for a little while:

I must confess that I am pushed to find someone that fits the bill.  I have met some useless characters who were not gutless and a few useful characters who were a bit wet.  Now if this thread was for Complete T0ssers who should never have been promoted I could probably put forward a few.


I would struggle with nominating someone on the maggot front, as you say GGG, I haven't really met a gutless one.
On the 'tossers who should have never been promoted'
Oh I can definately think of a couple. Trouble is one's rank is soooooo high that I could never have the satisfaction of telling them that, without feeling their toe cap up my arrse as I fly through the door with the greatest of ease...... ;D


Wynn's got a point - we've all met them. I am aware of an OC who put in for more man training days than his TA CO did in a year, and spent most of them doing privates' jobs: like vedette man on the ranges because he never bothered to get the qualifications.

He's also go a point that we shouldn't be slagging people off behind their backs.  It would be nice if we could "big up" (I and I is down with the kids you understand) the success stories.  I know a number of wholly TA (i.e. not ex-regular) trained officers and soldiers for whom I have nothing but admiration, both for their dedication, and their professionalism (note to self: you could learn from them, get back to bloody work!).

Equally, I have met a number of PSIs / Officers who were sent to the TA because they were not a great success in their regular units, but who were stars in their new environment (the reverse can also be true of course, but then if we were all perfect we wouldn't need an army in the first place).

So, group hug. :-*

Right that's enough of that nacy rubbish.  PtP, I haven't got time to post on the other thread so may I just say:

"D.a.m.n!" :D

Boy done well ;D ;D
A certain fat rascist two faced mysoginist idle self-opinated commisioned rank, generally despised by all and sundry, who was singularly responsible, (In my humble opinion and a shedload of others) for a distinct lack of ethnic minorities in a certain regiment.

Totally fcuking terminally useless, and well within the parameters of Wynns statement.

A total anacronism. who'd been in the army since "form square" was a QBO.

An absloute midden (add to scotch thread) whose knowledge of Military tactics and warfare could be written on the back of a Lilliputian postage stamp. Amongst other failings, a total willingness to jump in your sh1t and criticise, when you'd been living in the field for a week, and he'd been staying in camp. TOSSER.

Best thing I ever saw, was the OC and 2 I/C losing the grid ref for the plot with him, during a very very intense exercise phase.

He's gone, and mysteriously ethnic minority and female recruitment has shot up. How odd

Regular Army Scumbags? Para Regt Officer in Africa, who very nearly got me killed, cheers for fcuk all  :mad: :mad: :mad:


to bring a bit of positivity to this thread, the nicest thing anyone did for me was on an escape and evasion exercise.

We had been stripped of everything apart from basic clothes.
We had just been dropped off at the location (Dixie's corner) and myself and my team mate were told to kneel at the back of the lanny with our clenched fists resting on the tail gate and heads down, whilst our team captain got a briefing.

An angel from God came down and walked up behind me, uncurled my fist (I though - bloody hell what's going on here) and placed a cigarette into my hand and re-curled my fingers around it.

I wanted to thank this angel of mercy, but knew I wasn't allowed to move.

At the end of the weekend I found out who that angel was and it was the OC. When I thanked him and asked why he did it he replied
"Because I knew if you went without a f@g for the whole weekend, your poor team mates would get it in the neck".

Don't know what he meant by that ;D
On the over promoted and/or loathed front.  I felt very sorry for our Coy 2i/c some years ago when a certain Brigadier (late Guards) took over the 2 Inf Bde at Shorncliffe.  Firstly, it appears the said Brig was the reason the 2i/c had jacked in the Regular Army and secondly, the 2i/c was always sat next to the Brig at dinner nights on the grounds "Oh John (named changed) you know the Brig..."

There is a tale that the Brig was somewhat unimpressed with an attack put in by a TA platoon that he called over the Pln Cdr.  "You!" he shouted at the poor chap whilst pointing with his stick "You personally have fcuked up my whole exercise!!"  (A statement that was both unfair and inaccurate in most observers opinions.)  The victim of the abuse paused, shrugged and proceeded to dump his webbing, rifle and helmet at the Brigadier's feet and then walk off.  The Brig was dumbstruck left with a load of kit in the middle of a field.  He looked at the kit and then at the back of the departing figure and then called "I say!  It was not as bad as all that."

If true, the Pln Cdr's presence of mind was most commendable.
Verdi - lol

That ain't the half of what I'm going to say to him at the regimental reunion.

"Right you old bast*rd, outside, this has been a long time coming , and you haven't got your little coterie of psychophants to hide behind, u fcuking CIVVY" Oh glorious gloating day :D

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