Record employment leap but jobless total 'worrying' says Yvette Cooper

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. Given the employment losses over the past two years, the bounce back was inevitable and hardly down to ConLibDem policy and direction.

    The worry still remains over the high level of unemployment and the cost of it to the economy as a whole.

    There is an element of truth in what Mrs Balls has to say, albeit it spun out of proportion.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Inevitable? Not if the IMF had control of our economy as they would have done if Labour had been re-elected.
  3. :)

    plus another :x to get over 10 characters!!!!
  4. nah....It's more a case of she's worried that people start working out how much Neu Labour fiddled unemployment figures
  5. msr

    msr LE

    I wouldn't worry about that - the people that vote Labour are too stupid to see it.
  6. If Labour were fiddling them, it strikes me that the coalition have done little to redress the falsehood.
  7. And the New Labour voters that do see it think the best solution to the problem is to vote BNP! :x
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Weeeell, stab in the dark here - they've managed to redress it by what, 286,000 in three months, soon to be offset by 600,000 lobbed onto the heap. The good news is, er, the number of jobless is still going to rise, so Labour can rest assured they'll have something to bang on about.

  9. True..;-) Norman Tebbit in a red rosette would get elected round here

  10. And they're been in office how long?

    Strikes me it's pure hypocrisy on the part of some to let one bunch of no hopes get away with claiming it's the fault of the previous government for 13 YEARS whilst whinging about the failure of the current bunch of no hopers after only 6 months.
  11. This eminently 'porkable' but utterly simpering little 'puss' on legs is so stupidly in awe of her husband's Marxist leanings that she now utters meaningless 'sound-bites' from the gospel according to Karl M.

    What a waste of a 'pretty girl'.

    Such a sad case of a 'brain' being suborned by dogma and a big willy!
  12. It was the other bit.

    Creating jobs is all very well, but the exact nature is important too. Just because someone gets a job doesn't mean they come entirely off benefits, not if it doesn't pay a living wage; just because 3 million jobs are created doesn't mean 3 million people come off the dole, not if they're all part time and each person needs two or more jobs to pay their own way.
  13. If the figures have been 'massaged' then it's simply a matter of saying "the real number of unemployed is x". Should take all of 20 minutes to do the sums, less with a calculator.

    So either Labour didn't lie that much, or it suits the current mob to maintain the deception.
  14. I didn't vote Tory or Libdem, last election (UKIP if it matters) but that would be electoral suicide, Labour have already set the party "squealers" out to blame the Tories for the mess they intentionally left behind, what do you think they would do if suddenly millions were added to unemployment figures? Would they hold their hands up and say fair cop, our bad sorry about that.

    A lot of the unemployed have been hidden on the biff as well so it will be a nightmare to sort out,is a legal minefield and will harm some genuine claimants in the process, of course the Tories should be above party politics and put the record straight as a matter of integrity , but we're talking about politicians here.