reconnaissance tank crewman

Hi there Im hopefully going to be joining the army as a reconnaissance tank crewman, and im just looking to gather some more information that ive struggled to find.

For my area which regiment would be best I am in the stoke-on-Trent region Im under the belief that is the queens royal lancers.
The QRL are going to be amalgamated with the 9th/12th Lancers in 2014, or you could pop over the border into Wales and join the QDG or Welsh Cav.
There is a lot of change coming up.
They are very good, and out on Herrick 17 in Afghan at the moment.
Have a chat with the recruiter because regimental locations are going to change, or will be in the next year or two. There is a lot of change within the Army with the withdrawal from Afghan in 2014, the movement of troops and armour back from Germany in 2015 and the reduced size of the Army.
I have my pre -adsc on wednesday so need to write about my job choice thats all but do you have any links on these changes as i would like to learn abit more as thats my worry about joining the armoured corps
Don't worry about the changes, you want to be in an armoured recce regiment? QRL are a fine regiment. They will become "The Royal Lancers" (RL) on amalgamation with the 9/12L, but it is already confirmed that RL will be one of the three "armoured cavalry" regiments equipped with CVR/T.

As for recruiting area's? reduced regiments = larger recruiting area's, but (for the Royal Armoured Corps at least) these area's are now so large and diverse that the term " local regiment" should be said with "tongue in cheek".

When I joined up (way back in the dark ages) you were 99.9% certain to get the regiment of your choice, now however you may well be sent to whatever regiment is short of people. So go for the regiment of your choice, but don't be negative if you end up in another unit as all the regiments of the RAC are good, and you soon develop your bond with your regiment.

Put down "Armoured Cavalry", also add "Armoured Reconnaissance" for you job choice, that will let the army know where you would like to go.
My job choice as selected is reconnaissance tank crewman I want to be in the more fast paced part of the armoured corps
The QRL are going to be amalgamated with the 9th/12th Lancers in 2014.
Does that mean they will become the 80th (5/9/12/16/17/21) Lancers?
I think he's just trying to get his post counts up rather than use the search function.

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