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I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find any information about a reconnaissance soldier in the infantry. Ive looked at the information on the Army website but there is only two paragraphs about recce soldier which doesnt help. I would like to know a bit more info for my interview.

Also Do you do your interview after your BARB test or during ADSC?

There are recce platoons in infantry battalions. These usually consist of experienced and the more switched on soldiers of the Bn. Our recce and patrols platoon run a quite arduous cadre yearly for those wanting to go down that route. Can't speak for other regiments/battalions.
Cheers for that. Do you know what regiments in the infantry are likely to have the recce platoons? I dont know if I will have to work with the RAC because they have the role of recce.
You are confusing two different roles. RAC recce regiments are used at Div level, Bn recce is used at Bn and Brigade level. RAC would work in Sdns and troops. Bn recce works in sections of two vehicles and sometimes as a pl.

All inf Bn have a recce pl. Dependant on the Bn role it will be in wheeled of tracked vehicles. It is unlikely that you will be able to apply to join the pl before you have been in 3 years. Although it can be a career path up to a point, Pte to Cpl or as a spell as SNCO you would move in and out of the role. Like all parts of the inf you change jobs frequently.
9 rifle company platoons (three in each company)
Machine Guns (some are drums platoons who play musical instruments)
Patrols (May be combined with recce)
Snipers (not all Bns have these)
Assault Engineers (not all Bns have these)
wannabe-rifleman said:
What other platoons make up an infantry btn? I've heard of recce, patrol and mortar platoons. Are there any others?
MT = motor transport, goes back to the days of horses.

You have 5 companies all of which have a number of pl. As stated the rifle companies have 3 making a total of 9, numbered 1-9 (some Bn may have personal variations). Companies are have a number of titles depending on Bn and history.

Support company has the fire support elements within it. Mortars, anti tank and recce which over the years has changed names dependant on role or Bn. Patrols tends to be a para designation but COP and has been used at times and is now outdated. Most would use the term reconnaissance as it indicated its role. All rifle pl will do patrols.

Depending on role you will have the SF/mg pl with the drum/pipes and normally within Spcoy but not always. Some Bn will have sniper pl some will have them with the companies.

HQ company will have a number of platoons. Signals Pl (do not confuse with Rsigs), QM pl, MT Pl, Catering Pl (but they have gone into history), admin Pl (AGC), LAD (REME) and you could have a pioneer Pl (do not confuse with chunkies or RE).

What you must bear in mind is that all Bn/Regts are different and it is not one size fits all. The Pl will change in size and task as the Bn moves form role to role although the rifle companies generally stay the same.

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