Reconnaissance or main battle tank

Discussion in 'RAC' started by gillyjk, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Do the main battle tank regiments have a recce side in there regt?? I want the best of both worlds :)
  2. Tankies probably wont exist in a few years anyway. On ops most tankies are drivers on warthog/mastiff etc. 9/12 do formation reconnaissance.
  3. You have the whole of the internet, and you come on here to ask bone questions?! It's all out there......go and explore.
  4. But it's a whole lot more fun, not to say informative, if he asks the professionals at source.......
  5. ....... and yet he comes here?
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  6. He's going for the "fun" element, obviously.

  7. He's come to exactly the right place in that case.
  8. "best of both worlds" you say ?! ........... that's what my mate from 2 para mortars says !?.........oooooooer missus ;)

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  9. Thought it was 3 para mortars that were the benders?
  10. They're all benders :)
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  11. It is, I think Harry was a bit pissed that night and got his DZ flashes mixed up!

    Recce's good, would love to have done MBT. However track bashing on an MBT looks about as much fun as your mother picking the clangers out of your arse after 2 weeks in the field. At least on CVR(T) you can do almost all of it manually apart from the actual ripping the engine or gearbox out.
  12. you read it wrong again, 3 Paras from the mortar platoon of 49 Para have been outed as benders, ok fixed it for you craphat.
  13. "9/12 do formation reconnaissance". In an amateur sort of way.
  14. Must have been one of those DZ all gets sooooooo confusing !

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