Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by IffleyRoad, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. Genuine

  2. A comedy genius having a wah

  3. Deluded/mental

  1. What's the consensus?
  2. He's a septic dickhead.
  3. Good question. I'm not too sure which is more entertaining, sub 10 minute 3 milers, racing jets, taking off, parental guidance or pictures of Airfix kit helicopters. No doubt there's more but I've yet to stumble unwittingly across them.

    ReconJohn? Seems OK as afar as entertainment goes but would not get a slot at The Royal Variety Performance. Innofensive until pushed, no doubt "Don't push me" or "You won't like me when I'm angry" is to follow.

    Let's hope he sticks around, he lightens my life! P.S. Doubt if he's a real yank though. Probably a spotty 14 year old lad from Slough.

    P.P.S. Iffley Road, why the home of the first sub 4 minute mile? Actually untrue. ReconJohn was running sub 4 minute miles long before that in basic trg.
  4. 3 posts and 5 votes! ReconJohn, have you been cheating!!? Worrying because at the moment your votes are claiming you are mental/deluded!
  5. Genuine, in that he genuinally believes what he posts.

    Who are we to argue with a man that can run faster than an Olympic athlete, is directly related to a US President, has most US war heroes as relatives and can trace his family tree throughout Europe and Scandanavia back to before the dark ages, let alone the Native American side of the family!
    He races jets down the runway to increase his stamina when most would have been overtaken by the 10th step!
    Finally don't forget, this man has also come back from the dead 3 times.

    Perhaps I'm confused in that he probably generally believes what he thinks he posts. :roll:
  6. So he isn't a meltyhead either? As he goes far too fast to get hit by the jetblast from the Gloster Meteors and F15's he chases?

    Never mind the fact he'd never be allowed anywhere near a runway in the first place. Birdstrike? More like mongstrike.
  7. During my previous post on this thread I was a little sympathetic towards ReconJohn. However, I would like to take it all back. He's a complete arse-wipe. As of this moment he is to be addressed on all threads as RecockJohn, the emphasis being on the word c o c k. Can anyone come up with a better name for RecockJohn (keeping it as close sounding to its original form as possible)? Cnut is extremely accurate but does not sound right. Ferkin cnut is even more accurate but still not 100%.
  8. RetardJohn.
  9. How has this man had two votes for genuine? Is one of the doctors who restarted his heart online? Perhaps it is a jet pilot who he used to overtake? Or, maybe even his mythical cousin, just back from flying the space shuttle to hubble...
  10. He harps on about his brother who got shot down a few times in Vietnam aswell. Getting shot down would be unlucky, but multiple times is just fiction. I think the Yanks have a much bigger problem with walts, apparantly there is actually an orgnisation in Vietnam which tracks down Namwalts and outs them. Lets see if we can find it.
  11. Is that the same brother that was flying the A10's before they came into service lol!
  12. Reconmong?
  13. He's Captain America...or wants to be :D
  14. I’m not sure.

    He’s either a rather dull version of your standard issue Walten Kommando (….probably an autistic kiddie fiddler from Dagenham?)

    Or a ‘Wah-Genius’….. reeling us in with the kind of brilliance only seen in the best Uberwalts of late (e.g.: little ‘Will’ and his buddies on the SAS website?)

    (*I hope he stays around...he's more interesting that you dull cnuts!!)
  15. Any word from the man himself?