Reconditioned Engines.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by chrisg46, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Need some work done on your car? Seen this lot?

    Reconditioned Engines. Rebuilt Engines. Remanufactured Engines.

    In a word, AVOID

    Sky Investigation: Ealing Garage Accused Of Fraud And Physical Threats | UK News | Sky News

    Video: Southall Garage Exposed In Sky News Investigation Is Raided By Police | UK News | Sky News

    Despite the above, they are still trading. a friend has just been stung, as, like a ********, didnt research properly first...

    Apparently they offer a good deal, even picking your car up to be taken to their garge for repairs. Then the price goes up & up etc...
  2. Had an engine replacement from Heathrow Engine Centre way back in the 80's, took months to get car back and engine ran worse than the "original". After more wasted time on the phone and personal visits resulting in dead ends, and trying to get Trading Standards to take an interest, I decided to cut my losses and rebuilt the bugger myself. As OP says they should be avoided.
  3. These days, unless running a valuable classic car, or possibly a motorbike - in which case do some research and find a brand specific specialist, I would junk a car rather than put a recon engine (or gearbox) in it! It is just not worth the effort.
  4. Classic line when I phoned to complain that the engine was running rough after it was replaced, "well mate it's like a heart transplant, sometimes the car rejects the engine".
  5. At least that ones imaginative :)
  6. I like the way they advertise the engine for £4.22p, oil costs £150.00 Spark plugs £100.00 each, and you have to have them.
  7. I notice they dont accept credit cards and there are so many clauses in their small print they can charge you whatever they want. Trading standards have a point about contracts.