Recon John photos

Recon, the vietnam photo was a moving one, but to post a piccy of a big wet septic lugging the stars and stripes toilet paper in an aviation forum is taking the biscuit (or should I say Oreo cookie) :D
Not being rude or anything, ReconJohn. Your pictures are very nice and all that but this is the Avn forum with AAC types exchanging pics. Maybe yours would be more suited to the gallery or the multinational forum?
ReconJohn said:
In 1787 the Continental Congress authorized the founding of the Continental Marines led by the one Capt. Samuel Nicholas. Since he was a Capt. and they thought a Capt. was too low of a rank too be the original or first Commandant of the Continental Marine Corp, they made him an Honorary Major until he earned that rank in battle. The Cont. Marines were founded at Tun's Tavern in Philadelphia, PA., right next to the wharf. The people they recruited were sharpsman out of the riggings of ships who shot thieves climbing aboard to steal, or pirates. other people they recruited were squirrel hunter who could shoot a squirrel at 50 yards away in the eye.


Youve lost me, recon. And you were doing so well.

Are all USMC barkingly random??
ReconJohn said:
I apologize gentlemen, I didn't mean any harm at all by posting anything outside of aviation. Sorry about that. Just for being onry and doing that, how about I post some aviation?

Go on then.

That looks like a picture from an Airfix model kit box.
Fair one, recon.

But if you follow the flow of the thread, its mainly old buddies (AAC) posting pics of times gone by with lots of old mates in them not random pics of anything with wings. (You may have noticed not many pics of actual aircraft but pics of groups etc).

Are you getting the picture?
Well, enough of this jovial banter.

Reconjohn, can you fuck off of our thread please. And take your Top Trump cards with you.

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