RECON 3 Lightweight Sleeping Bags - Opinions?

Getting a little jack of lugging my precious issue bag around for the last 18 months, and I appear to be the third person who has had the pleasure of its issue (judging by the number of names written on it) - so it's getting a bit worn down.

Seen these about the place, tiny little things, and they are going cheap as chips at $200 AS (90 GBP).

and the same bag comes in pricier and lower temp rated variants eg. recon4

same supplier is doing a deal that throws in a bivvy bag for an extra $200 (90GDP)

Anybody actually used one or had any experience with them? Last thing I want to do is end up floating in a pit in the mud and rain and cold with a bag that falls to bits or has the warming properties of an ice blanket.]

Intended use is in Aus, temps ranging down to -5 at the worst, but usually within the 5+ to 35+.

Does anybody have any recommendations on where to find these? My normal searches aren't really finding what I'm looking for. Maybe I'm just not going to find something of this nature, but I have a feeling I'm just not using the right words in my search.
Hi Mate

I have a Softie 6 which is good for all year round and the coldest months in Aus. The softie 3 can be a bit too light for the cold months. I bought mine from these guys

Snugpak Softie 3 Merlin Sleeping Bag

And they are generally still half price even with the postage and have quick delivery. As far as a Bivvi bag goes mate, you can't go too wrong with the UK issue one, you can get a brand new one off fleabay for about 30 pounds, I did and it is excellent, lets face it it only comes out at night most of the time so no need to be auscam- also it is IRR so you won't glow like a Ukrainian fireman under IR, the crap you buy from kitbag won't be IRR. If you go the softie 3, I would get it from the UK, much cheaper and here in 7 days.
As another note. I found the 6 a little small and bought the expanda panel for it- I am 6 foot and 90kgs and the bag can be a little tight. Its still a lot smaller than the issue bag when packed down even with the panel, dries a lot quicker too.

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