recommended watering hole in westminster

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pkf72, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. i have the joy of finding myself in westminster for two days this week ( tues/weds) which includes a few sherbets on the terrace bar in the house of commons on the tuesday night.

    However i cant see them letting me prop up the bar all night till closing time drinking beer and scratching my arrse, and was wondering if any locals could advise me on a decent hostelry to spend the evening in?

    Im not after fancy lah de dah beers and dont particularly want to pay the equivalent of a my mortgage for a pint, just somewhere where i can throw a few beers down my neck and watch the world go by ( decent looking totty always an advantage too)

    any advice appreciated
  2. Just stick with tradition. Hang around the Commons terrace until as late as possible, get stuck into the wine and then start an arguement then fist-fight with a Scottish MP.

    Then Southgate Kebab seems to be a local kebab shop. Southgate Kebab - Westminster, London - Fastfood and Takeaway

    Have a great night and don't forget to post pictures!
  3. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    There's always my old pub on Museum Street. The Plough. It's not exactly Westminster, but it's only a stone's throw. There's another bar round there, but I'll be fucked if I can remember what it's called. The crafty fucker who owns it is in touch with a Swedish modelling agency. The girls come over and stop at the pub, working part time for their keep. What a boozer ... always fucking stunning staff behind the bar. As the guy says, with a wolfish grin 'To think ugly ones cost the same'
  4. that sounds like a winner, "come on its name man its name!!!"
  5. The Lord Moon of the Mall (JD Wetherspoon) on Whitehall is not a bad boozer. Its next to 22 Whitehall (cabinet office).

    Its cheap and does decent ale.
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  6. Moon on the Mall is ok, as is the one over the road.

    How about the UJC?
  7. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    We're going back a few years... it might not even be there now, but if it's not it won't be because he went bust!

    Put your back to the museum walking down Museum Street and you hit New Oxford Street. From what I can recall, if you bear left there, it's somewhere around and about Chancery Lane.

    Best I can do, old chap.
  8. I concur with this also the Sherlock Holmes off Whitehall is worth a visit.
  9. I always liked the Chandos in St Martin's Lane.
  10. This is the best call yet, if you are literally in Westminster ( a rather generic grid.)

    Be prepared to pay around £4.50 / pint these days in inner old Laandaan town.
  11. Went there the day before armistice a few years ago as my missus was next door in a meeting. There was an old para walt (2 years national service in the 50s more tin on his chest than Idi Amin)

    Didnt go down well with the senior MoD and Staff officers in there talking to his lady friend. Sad really.

    Plenty of fit barmaids, all foreign. Lovely decor. The way down to the bogs in the basement is more like a gentlemans club or stately home than a pub.

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  12. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Walkers of Whitehall. Nice food downstairs, and the barmaids are nice to look/letch at ....
  13. Used to work on Whitehall 15 years or so ago and after work Fridays was straight into one of the Whitehall pubs. The Lord Moon was favourite for a while until it started the slightly annoying habit of running out of beer - all beer - at 4pm on Fridays.
  14. cheers gentlemen for the advice
    it appears that there are a few boozers that could fit my needs.

    sounds like the westminster arms is going to be the closest.

    if your in the area please feel free to drop in, i might even buy you a pint (although london prices may change this to a half!!)