Recommended Read- The Honour and the Shame:John Kenneally VC

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by sooms, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Just finished reading this book- picked it up in Tesco's for 6 Quid.

    Outstanding true story of John Kenneally (aka Leslie Morris/Robinson), RA deserter in WW2, subsequently re-enlisted in the Irish Guards and won a VC in Tunisia. Post War with 6 Abn Div in Palestine.

    Worth looking out for.
  2. Seconded. I've just read this one and it's an excellent book.
  3. Just read this, and I was surprised at how candid it was in places. He makes no bones about deserting and re-joining, carrying on with other women while away, killing enemy wounded, nicking everything not nailed down, etc. Refreshingly honest when you consider that soldiers often self-censor a lot, even today.
  4. Nothing new. I know a few former QLR who did most of that.
  5. With or without picking up a VC along the way?
  6. Amazing coincidence... I went to the funeral of a sailing fried of mine 2 years ago in the tiny village of Rochford (Worcestershire). After the burial I wandered through the small cemetary and spotted a military headstone. Yep it was John Kenneally VC.

    I investigated through the internet to find out what I could, amazing story...
  7. Of those I'm speaking of, if they did they'd nicked it.
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I met a WW2 Scots infanteer who basically laid proud boast to the fact that he stole his way across Europe in 1944-5 nicking everything that he could. He reckoned his Bn could have walked home on its stolen loot without once having to step on the ground. I imagine they had larger bergens in those days..
  9. A good book on the subject is 'To the Victor-the spoils' by Sean Longden. A good warts n'all account of 21st Army Group's campaign dealing with what life was like for the ordinary soldier and officer.

    Read it and you will look at NW Europe Veterans in a completely new light!