Recommended private health screening in London/SE?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 4(T), Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone have experience of a decent comprehensive private health screening service in London or south-east?

    I've been overseas for a while, so my wife and I both want to get a full-monty health check up. Of course we are aware of BUPA and Axa-PPP services, but assume that there are probably other good quality options out there. Would rather have high quality of service and relatively quick results turnaround than cost saving.

    (Our NHS GP only gives 5 min consultations, and the system seems to have fcuk-all interest in health screening or early diagnosis.....)

    Thanks for any recommendations.
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Doesn't your GP order you off for a full bloodwork once a year - mine gets quite shirty if I forget - do you have any symptoms that may mean you might be on deaths door such as high BP, cholestrol or diabetes? Again when my BP suddenly shot up I was marched off to a consultant specialist in fairly short order.

    Maybe I just get a different NHS to everyone else...

  3. No, quite the opposite. No screening of any sort offered and, if you ask for something like a prostrate test, reluctance to give the test/ results "lost/ no follow-up, etc.

    I live in an affluent town with an apparently very decent health centre. However its usually a wait of a week or so for a "non emergency" appointment, and then a quick five to ten minutes consultation ending with "see if it gets worse" or similar fob off.

    I'm a rufty-tufty outdoors person who rarely goes to the doctor, however I've got to the age where friends and colleagues are falling by the wayside with C, where old injuries are back to haunt, and where my background (tropical sun, tropical diseases, pollution hotspots, radiation exposure, etc) means that I do need to know if lumps, bumps or strange symptoms mean anything. Frankly, my experience of NHS pre-hospital is extremely negative...
  4. My company used to send certain staff to thorough annual medical screening.

    The London Clinic was the main venue but also some small outfit in the City, and the London Bridge Hospital .

    Given the choice and having experienced all three, I would always prefer The London Clinic's (which is of course not a clinic but a world class private hospital)Health Screening facility.

    The medicals there were always thorough and the staff professional but friendly.

    Obviously it was free to me then, but I used to fund my wife to have the same screening (only fair really) and to my surprise, the costs were on a par with other private hospitals.

    I am no great fan of private hospitals, ( I found the Shirley Oaks near Croydon a place to avoid ), all other things being equal, I would chose NHS over private treatment- but when things weren't equal , I would opt for the London Clinic for any diagnostics or treatment in preference over any other private option that was available to me.

    I guess though, like restaurants and hotels, private hospitals can change in time but my experience with the London Clinic has always been good and its not the exclusive domain of the toffs that I once imagined it to be.
  5. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    Try the Wellington private hospital st. Johns wood. Bloods scan etc etc used to be around £5 to £ 8 pounds but I am not sure of today's rate .
  6. You're confusing what the NHS GP service is for and it's not for what you want. The more we do preventative work the more costs are complained about. The DOH/Govt pays GP's on what they contract them for which is quite different to what you seek.
    If you have a friendly GP or practice nurse they may carry out unecessary tests on a whim but it comes out of the budget, your GP is likely to have ten minute consultations unless he has agreed to be double booked.