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Although there is a 'what podcasts do you recommend' thread, I wish to be a little selfish and get some opinions on my current favourite and where to go from here.

I am currently listening to Jocko Podcasts with only a handful left to listen to whilst travelling around.

For those of you haven't heard about Jocko Willink he is an ex Navy SeAL of 20 years who currently has a leadership company called Echelon Front.

His Podcasts mainly revolve around military books with first hand accounts of conflicts from Roman times to modern warfare. Whilst reading these books he uses the accounts within to pull out lesson learned and amazing leadership examples. Some of the first hand accounts he reads are exceptionally graphic and 'real' and thats what I love about it.

I like his no nonsense/stoic attitude but his very 'American tough guy' attitude may switch some off. Even if being 'hard' isn't your thing have a listen because his extreme ownership ethos is just the right way to do things. Inspirational stuff.

So does anybody else have any other podcasts that focus on military ops and/or leadership lessons?

For anybody who's interested his podcasts are on Youtube as well as on his podcast website.

Jocko Podcast

Jocko Podcast | Leadership and Discipline

This is the last one I've listened to (I don't listen to them in order) it's about the Japanese unit 731 in World War II and how they were creating biological and chemical weapons and testing them on prisoners. The real interesting part was when they had first hand accounts of the Japanese soldiers initial training and how the dehumanised the enemy (us) to allow them to perform grotesque acts of cruelty and violence and have zero remorse.

It's pretty graphic

So can anybody steer me to some similar podcasts?
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Team Never Quit Podcast, Marcus Lutrell - Lone Survivor, and David Rut Rutherford, both former Seals, very funny interviews mad squaddy humour