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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by PotentialOPMI, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. In the process of joining the Int Corps. I'm not sure if I am being way too keen but have you guys got any recommendations on reading material with relevance?? As I say probably being over-keen but still :nod:
  2. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You're not going to make a good operater mate - type Military Intelligence into Amazon for starters then work from there (lot of wheat & chaff work but I'm (sure?) you might work things from there. OK
  3. anything by Ian Fleming.

    oh, and the Aston Martin catalogue.
  4. Club, Men Only, Penthouse. None of that Razzle / Readers Wives mind, that's just perverse.
  5. I had searched on Amazon but had around 4500 results, Hence why I came here looking for recommendations.. Any serious advice? Oh and I know all about Walther's and Aston's, That's Int Corps 101 ;)
  6. You can't go wrong with a copy of Viz, or failing that Zoo or Nuts. They're all on my preferred reading list for deployments.
  7. Down and Out in London and Paris is a must for surveillance operations
  8. Koran, Kalashnikov and Laptop by Antonio Giustozzi

    Taliban The Power of Militant Islam in Afghanistan and Beyond by Ahmed Rashid

    The Islamist by Ed Hussein

    Afghanistan a Modern History by Angelo Rasanayagam

    They'll do you to be getting on with for now mate, if you want something interesting but not Afghan based then The Irish War by Tony Geraghty is really good book on the troubles if a bit out of date.

  9. Thanks Gregg, Ill have a look for those titles on-line as I doubt my village library has these in stock ;)
  10. Puckoon by Spike Milligan, and obviously Catch 22!!
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    Intelligence Corps Opportunities - British Army Website

    You're as well having this as I've fell at the first hurdle...............colour blindness!! I've gathered, analysed and disseminated all the information to make on objective decision, but Ishihara has deemed me unsuitable. There's more if you need it!
  12. You mean Bradley Wiggins.