recommended kit for spring challenge, (1 bravo)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by STAB-fusilier, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. hi all

    i resently joined the TA, and have completed 1 alpha, section of the traing. which in all honestly was a doddle. i was wondering if any one could recommend any bits and bobs that would help me along the way when im at donnington?

    cheers SF
  2. A dictionary.
  3. A sense of modesty.
  4. Take ALL your kit- 100% kit inspection is exactly what it says- Minor Sanction if you forget something boyo! If you're a Fusillier take a smartie tube to stick that feather in to keep it tidy. Some of the guys look like total mongs and look like they've been tickling each other's ars3holes with 'em (might be tradition I don't know).

    Take an extra notepad and some spare pens you don't mind giving away because some tw*t always forgets his. Take a pencil for map exercises.

    Bring change, extra food like pringles, chocolates etc for the first night. If the Hub is closed when you arrive at least you can get some food up you.

    Sense of humour, iron. tape to put on stuff to identify it (water bottles get ditched to the side of the parade ground for inspection and seeing some of the munters there you do not want to mix up spit)!
  5. cheers,

    thanks JJ, scavenger comedian...
    I understand that i have to use ALL issue kit, but im confused. im a ccf cadet and am lucky enough to own a metal mug, will i get away with using this or will this wind up the JNCOS?? same goes for boots?

    might be a bone question but im a bit lost..

    keep it coming lads thanks
  6. FORGET that you have been a CCF cadet - seriously. I've seen too many ( ahem ) issues summed up with "in the Cadets we...."

    Take your Gucci mug but ALSO take the issue one. Same goes for boots.
  7. Take the cheapest wet wipes you can find (tesco??) and take BOG ROLL.

    Spear the bog roll (through the cardboard tube) on the handle of the small mess tin. Fold the large mess tin over this. It'll keeep the bum fodder dry and prevent the tins rattling like Amy Winehouse.

    Go to your local bank and ask for a cloth bank bag. This'll hold the mess tins together and if you've not cleaned the soot carbon marks off them properly (when the hexy is gone) it'll stopp you mucking up the interior of your webbing pouch.

    If you get the sh-its because they're manky, then wet wipes will cool and ease your ring sting. Zal is medicated loo paper but a bit harsh.

    Take along a portable mini fridge and 12volt battery, (there will be loads of room in your bergan for this) place the soft bog roll in the fridge and chill - this will help enormously.

    Hope this helps... :D
  8. bravo-bravo despite what you might assume im not some sort off jumped up cadet, and im not going to go shouting my mouth off am i? and to be honest i think that some of the cadet syllabus (spelling) is relavent,, i know about how section attacks work, i understand what you carry in your webbing ect ect. however i do understand what your saying, but im not going with the attitude that i know everything or that things are done in the same way. cheers sparky, but i can think off better items to fill a mini fridge with than shit roll.

    any more suggestions
  9. trust me mate :D
    Bog roll is better than a dictionary!!! :D :D

    edited to add; I mishpelled stopp - it shoud've been shtopp. People in glass houses eh??...

    That's different from the glasshouse before you all jump in!!!
  10. honestly you would think that the military community would have better things to do than pick holes in spelling wouldnt you?..
  11. Sorry STAB-fusilier, coodny resist mucker.

    Forget the gucci kit/extras - keep it basic and stick to the essentials - stuff thats easily overlooked. Any eejit can be uncomfortable in the field (dinny be shy about swabbing the balls and armpits etc - athletes foot aint just in the feet).

    The lightest thing you'll carry is your determination but take loads of it :D
  12. cheers mate!
    arrse need more people like you, instead of members who just jump on someone for asking a question.
    just purchased a new pair of altberg warriors, so they will be left out of the kit bag i supose.

    any more sugestions welcome
  13. That's the biggest compliment I've had on arrse!!! Thank You :D

    Issue kit is good enough and light years ahead of what we had in the 80's. Once you're in - use your own kit - depending on Unit SOP's of course.

    A fad these days is to stock up on Jaffa cakes for energy in the field.

    Borrocks!! They're dry and will make you thirsty. (just like coffee - drink tea).

    Take Rowntrees fruit pastilles - tons of them. They're smaller, you can carry more, they keep the saliva going (better than sucking a pebble) and the sugar boost when you need it is better than vodka and red bull.

    You can share them too, helps break the ice and once the sugar kicks in watch the mood lift when everyone is chin strapped.

    C'mon folks - advice like this we learned the long way - help him out??

    Edited to add; PM FFBox for excellent advice. Tell him the pornstar tache pointed you in his direction - you'll probably have to wait two minutes till he speaks - it'll take that long till he gets his breath back after he wets his breeks laffn :D
  14. Cheers Sparky.
  15. If you don't want to be seen as some kind of jumped up cadet, don't gob off when given advice about it.