Recommended gaming PC builder in London or South East?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by 4(T), Aug 5, 2012.

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  1. I'm back in the country for a few days only, and want to buy a mid-range gaming PC in a small case that I can take back overseas in a suitcase.

    I'd ideally like to go to a place like Overclockers that has a wide range of custom build specs and form factors; unfortunately I don't have the time to go up to OC or wait for a mail order.

    Anyone recommend a similar firm in central/south London, Surrey, Kent, etc?
  2. Small suitcase? Hmmmm.

    A good gaming PC needn't be expensive (Mine's Awesome and cost £600!) but they tend to be bulky due to big PSUs and fans to keep the internals cool.

    I saw a few places on the Tottenham Court Road who could build you a Custom tower, but pricewise, I wasn't impressed (but neither was I shocked)
  3. Might have to try one of the new 17" laptops that has an HD screen and a decent graphics card. I see that its possible to get something with quite a lot of grunt, but without paying Alienware prices.

    Unfortunately I've just started playing World of Tanks, and realise that a big monitor might enhance situational awareness..
  4. These guys are worth a punt. Near Goodge Street tube station. They'll either sell you the bits or build you a system. Always seemed reasonable chaps whenever I've been there.
  5. Overclockers mail order service is actually faster than going there in person. Well, it definitely feels like it's faster!
  6. Damn, beaten to it.