Recommended for MD...

Afternoon all!

I have been a member for about a year, but have rarely used this forum... It may be of some use now, so here we go...

I have just returned back to my unit from a series of Med Appointments in the UK regarding an issue I have with my feet. The general jist of whats happening with me is that the full Colonel I was seeing has written a letter (to my primary health care presumably), recommending that I be P8 Med Discharged.

I just wondered if anyone knows what the score is now...? What the procedure is etc...

I've been in for 11 years in Jun (but joined at 17.5 yrs old, so 11 years on my birthday in Dec), and am currently in the rank of Cpl.

I have tried to find some answers on old posts - I haven't monged it and just gone for the easy route!



If you've just returned to your unit and know this recommendation has been written, why don't you first try speaking to your MO & Admin staff?

If you're back in unit lines you should be able to access Dii. Look up PAP 10 v3 and JSP 765 (AFCS) and start doing a wee bit of research in case, like a lot of units, your admin staff are crap. Oh, and this advice is on here on lots of threads, me, The Snail and dingerr plus others have written it many times.

If you then need help, this may be the place to ask!

Best of luck.
When you started off with 'Recommended for MD' I thought you'd been recommended for promotion to Managing Director! How silly do I feel. I guess congratulations aren't in order after all, I just monged it and went for the easy option

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