I have just returned from a Bn Battlefield Tour of the Yypres Salient in Belgium. The YO who organised the tour hired in a contract guide to show the party around.

At first I was sceptical, my experience of paid tour guides has been pretty woeful. The YO was given the recommendation by a mate at SHAPE.

The tour guide turned out to be first rate, he was an ex RMP Cpl who had a real passion for WW1. The guy had just left the Army and had set himself up in business doing guides full time.

He researched events particular to both our Regiment and to the Infantry.

If you are off to Yypres(He lives there now) and need a tour guide, visit his web site at The guys name is ian.

A first rate guy(and very cheap!!) who made the events come to life.

He definitely gets the recommendation from a rather large Irish Infantry Bn based somewhere in NI.

[Edited by Bad CO for correct web address]
Hi Dingbat,

Thanks for the kind words. It was a pleasure taking you all around. Glad to see every one enjoyed Ypres socially as well!!!! :D

The web site details you mention are

This isnt a job for me moreso a passion. Most importantly it keeps the memories of those who fought in 14/18 alive.

Best regards


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