Transformers 2 a load of crap but, to continue in the same vein, made a sh!tload of money and so Hasbo Corp was salivating at the sales of toys from the two plus hour commercial. naturally they'd greenlight the GI Joe movie..

somewhere along the PC way the film ends up not being about GI's or American Military Might but, instead its another crapload of explosions, plotless shenanigans and lame buddy grossout jokes.. Should do well if it hits the right buttons in the 12 year old male set [ including all men with any spark of 12 year old mentality left ]..

Hasbro is already gearing up to flog the spin-off toys at Christmas [ never too early to get your order in ]..

Got me thinking about what other toys could be spun into multi-million dollar blockbusters, and I don't mean the NAAFI obvious Sex Toy Story starring Woody the Dildo and his pal Buzz the Vibrator..or Ken and Barbie the Sex Tapes

I'm talking real toys turned into ' live action extravaganzas '..

any suggestions?

The Attack of the 50 foot Cabbage Patch Dolls?

Lego After Dark?
I, for one can't wait for the childhood-memory-ass-rapeing that is Micheal Bay's expolsion filled crap-tacular version of Jamie and the Magic Torch.

There are, unfortunatly loads of old cartoons yet to be destroyed in the name of Hollywood doller signs. Anyone remember the Mask cartoons from the mid 80's? The cars could become planes and the planes could become submarines and stuff. Great toys, shitey cartoons. Its only a matter of time.


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