Recommendations on how to replace Grandads medals

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by angular, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone recommend a supplier I could use to replace my Grandad's medals? I have a pin-on bar with ribbons on for the 1939-45 Star, Africa Star with the 8th Army clasp, the France and Germany Star and a Mentioned in Dispatches oak leaf, mounted on a piece of khaki.

    It would be good for Angular Jnr to see them mounted, with his cuff titles, shoulder slides etc. Thanks.
  2. One of the ARRSE sponsors is a company that frame medals, can't remember where you find it but its in here somewhere. Had a look at their site t'other day, all good stuff.
  3. I recommend Raymond Holditch: rdhmedals
  4. angular. Your Grandfather was also eligible for the Defence Medal and War Medal.
  5. Not sure about that, from what I've read. He was an RASC baker, so more of the 'last in, first out' type of war record, although he was at El Alamein, and got booted out of Greece and Crete. Do you know where I could find out?
  6. One approach would be to drop a line to the RASC Association and ask their advice? There are a few histories around (including an official one) but unfortunately tend not to come cheaply and may well only have a few relevant sentences for you? Enter RASC in title of Book Finder. Having read through the official one I found quite broad in its coverage with little detail of many specifics.

    The Association – RASC & RCT – may be able to make mention in a newsletter for you for instance, asking for replies from anyone in similar service, or possibly who may have known him. They should be able to answer the War/Defence medals question themselves?

    They ask folk initially write to:

    The Controller,
    RASC & RCT Association,
    Dettingten House,
    The Princess Royal Barracks,
    Surrey, GU16 6RW

  7. angular, I can thoroughly recommend EG Framing,of Tamworth, Staffs. I happen to live in the same town, and visited the premises to see how they operate. They are very professional, friendly, and clearly know the business well, and appear VERY competetively priced. It would be worth getting a couple of quotes first though, a bit of competition would do you no harm! The company is listed on this website, which is why I went for it. They will give you a complete service too, including supplying replica medals, sourcing relevant Brigade flashes etc. They couldn't have been more helpful. Just Google EG Framing, or click on the hyperlink on this site.

    Good luck!!
  8. Tiptop service from rdh - practically 24 hour turnaround.
  9. Thanks all, some very useful info.
  10. Defence Medal (in general for the Army) 3 years home service; or 1 years service overseas but not in an op theatre or six months service in an area subject to air attack etc.,

    War Medal - 28 days service between 3 Sep 1939 and 2 Sep 1945 - this is the one your grandfather should have had his MID on (if it was earned during the war) - the MID on khaki is appropraite if there is no associated medal.
  11. On a similar theme, I'm trying to get a clearer picture of my grandfathers service.
    He was Mentioned in Despatches and no-one knows what it was for. Does anyone here know of anyway of finding out?
    I'm also hoping to find out exactly what these ribbons were for, he never liked to wear his medals because they reminded him too much of his mates who never got to come back and wear them. His oak leaf was stolen years ago in a break in so I wouldn't mind hearing how we can get a replacement for that.


    Would really appreciate if anyone can give any advice
  12. Conntact the records bit of the MoD

    for details.

    PS. The funny bit about signature. Although the Russians used a pencil, during a moon walk the astronuaghts (forget which mission etc) climbed back in to their LAM and found that a important switch had been broken off
    by one of their back packs.

    So the story goes, that there was no tool carried that could activate this swich, until the cap of the pen was used to get under the knub of the switch and flick it up.

    Catastrophe averted.

    Steel feel sure something else would have come to hand mind. bit of moon rock maybe.
  13. If you mean what service he personally did to get the medals and the MiD, you’d need to either ask his Regimental Association for help, or read-up their War Diary – PRO or maybe Reg museum. The Gazette date at least gives you a time to work back from – maybe say 3 months as a guide? Re the ribbons, as you’re probably aware they are left to right 39-45 Star, Africa Star with 8th Army denotation, and France Germany Star. Would have thought the ribbons continue with the Defence medal and the War Medal, the MiD leaf going on the Defence medal ribbon.

    A summary of general criteria here.

    Look around the FAQ’s on this site and you’ll see you can apply for replacements of stolen awards.

  14. As N0.9 has written, he would have had Defence and War medal and the MID oak leaves would have been on the War Medal not the Defence.See my pictures in this 'Military History and Militaria' thread on wearing of 'bling' medals.(Proliferation of military medal and wearing of by imposters.) Defence Medal and War Medal with MID oak leaves shown above main pic.

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  15. Quite right, been a long day, goes on the red, white and blue one.