Recommendations on best midsize motorbike for all round road

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by cornjo, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. I have been riding a Bandit 600 (95) for the last two years, before then a GPZ 500. I am looking for a midsized motor, which i'll be able to ride to work each day, and also go on a bit of a tour across the water. I have test rode the VFR, its a lovely bike be not for me (due to the dropped handlebars, short screen/wind in your face, hard to lean). Can you guys and girls recommend a great bike out there?
  2. Hello cornjo,

    I have never owned one but one of the biggest surprises I have had was a ride on one of the,then new,old style Yamaha 600 Fazers.
    Being used to more exotic things I was not expecting much but it was a thoroughly pleasant ride with a nice safe feel to it.
    This is the one,the old steel framed Fazer:

    Get one of the late models with the improved seat,the too soft seat was the only negative on the one I borrowed.

  3. Pick one of these three, then:
  4. If you're not too fussed about being fashionable have a look at Yamaha XJ600 & XJ900 Diversions. The 600 is still chain driven but the 900 has the advantage of a relativley hassle free shaft drive.

    Or you could go for the ford focus of the bike world and look at a Honda Deauville. It does everything you are asking for but it's just not that exciting. Older models are 650's and the newer versions are 700's, pretty good fairing and built in panniers. Basically it's a baby Pan Euro!

    I've got a nice XJ900 sitting in the garage looking for a new home, if you're interested drop me a pm on here and I'll give you some gen on her.
  5. Look at a 650 Vstrom and also an SV650. Why not also look at a newer bandit and later model Fazers.
    Ultimately, there are a lot of bikes in the 600ish range that are more than capable of long distance comfort.
    You have already recognised one of the main characteristics that you need - a sensible handlebar. You may also like to consider which bikes offer sensible luggage options.

    Also, just to confuse you further, do not rule out bigger engined bikes. they will tend to be more comfortable on motorways, carry kit better, and not use as much additional fuel or be more difficult in traffic as you might think.
  6. BC mentioned the deauville. That really is the acme of Honda engineering - very capable and competent at what it does such that your only problem is falling asleep (maybe). Definately commuter friendly and also long distance on a budget friendly. Wont get you laid though!
  7. I presume by this you are referring to the VFR 750 or 800?

    The handlebars are perfectly placed for sporty touring, which is what the bike is designed to do. I am 6 foot tall and the wind goes straight over my head, not in my face and if you think it is hard to lean, maybe you need to take some further training....a wee shove on the inside bar and it flops on its ear with consumate ease. Have you ever heard of counter steering?

    That being said, after I had test ridden one, I decided that it was ultimately not for me and bought a Triumph Sprint ST 1050. Good for commuting, is on the sporty side of the sport tourer designation and is comfy for all day riding. It will just as easily trundle down to the shops as it will cross a continent or mix it with the sports bikes in the twisties.
  8. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    I used to ride the XJ900 (great for the slog between London and the Cotswolds) then I switched to the Fazer 600 (responsive and lovely handling but lousy for a pillion) but since I spend most of my time now in London I have the T-Max 500. Very, very comfortable, good bit of speed, practical for town, completely unsexy but about the most useful and fun bike I have ever ridden. I am now on my second and will (wife willing) trade up to the Mk II.

    Oh yeah, and I'm 6'3''.
  9. Look at the BMW F800ST. Different, good quality and sips petrol. Also a belt drive so no grease & adjusting to do
  10. Divvy XJ 900

    Honda CB 500
  11. I recently upgraded to Triumph's Sprint ST 1050. Very nice. I use it to commute (central London) most days and the occaisional ride out. Does both comfortably. The older 955 or even 900 versions will be as good i'm sure.

    Edited for mong spelling. :oops:
  12. Test rode 1 and very nice but the 2 major services a year put me off owing to the miles I do
  13. I'll second the Deauville or it's father the Honda NTV 650 (V-twin, water cooled, shafty, Roadster), I'm still riding my 93 model and it's still going strong. They're boring old fart's bike's but seeing as I am one, I'm quite content!
  14. Take a look at the new Yamaha Fazer 800

    Yamaha has unveiled an all-new motorcycle that will be joining it’s supersport family, the FZ8 or the Fazer 800, as it will be called in Europe.

    The motorcycle is a middleweight model powered by a 799cc inline-four engine. The 2010 Yamaha FZ8 has come to replace the Yamaha FZ6 model and from the looks of this image you get a half fairing and the bike finds itself positioned between track-gained performance and a comfortable riding position.