Recommendations of extra kit for training.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jakerooney, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. I start training at Catterick on the 19th of Feb, I've got my kitlist and I've got most of the stuff on it already, just wondering whether or not anyone's got any advice as to other stuff to take that isn't mentioned on the preliminary kitlist?

    Here's a link to the kitlist if anyone needs it:

    Thanks in advance for any replies, Jake.
  2. make sure its Kiwi polish and get a good Iron and razor (wilkinson hydro is really good) A shit Iron will make your admin that much more of a ballache and you dont want your face looking like a bag of shit due to a cheap razor. But get a cheapo shaving kit for in the field.
  3. Plenty of stuff for your feet for when ur breaking boots in cos it can be agony. Twisters for bottom of your trousers make it easier too. And I agree with the iron if you go with shit iron it does mate ur creases harder to iron in. Hope this helps
  4. Take an alarm clock and some of them foam travel ear plugs.

    Set your alarm a couple of mins before revelle. Get to the shitters early!
    Someone might snore/ want to stay up later than you in your room. Ear plugs will help you get to sleep easier.

    I took a book- depends if you like reading though...
  5. May I recommend using the search engine first - this has been done many times before.

    Good luck though!
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  6. A roll of your favourite 2 ply? :p
  7. Had to laugh at the list as I was in basic training in 1989!

    The only thing that I could really add to it is you should try and get a practical watch with hands, easy to syncronise and it can be used to find south if navigating quickly. I have had my traser watch since kosovo and it's still going strong. If you already have a digital watch it will be just as good though. Best of luck, and remember that the Army is an adventure.
  8. plenty of hand cream, your hands will be in bits and dry after digging in on exercise this will stop painful cracks and cuts
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