Recommendations for employment law solicitor

Discussion in 'Officers' started by troopie, Dec 31, 2006.

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  1. Further to the recent thread about criminal law lawyers, can anyone recommend a lawyer or firm specialising in employment law, ideally with an understanding of AGAI 67.

    Without going into specifics here, I have had an AGAI 67 case raised (unfairly I believe) against me and which has been ongoing for 6 months. There are several other key factors involved. It is at a stage where my military solicitor is advising me to contact a civilian employment lawyer with a view to further procedings.

    I am based in Germany but I'm in Kent with family for the next week.

    Any suggestions will be greatly received.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

    try contacting peter krick. this is the firm gilbert blades is a partner for. probably more expensive firm than most, but probably unsurpassed pedigree when it comes to tangling with the forces (unless anyone knows of anybody with more success than gilbert blades?)

    don't know if they have specific experience with AGAI 67, only dealt with them on AGAI 70.
  3. 'Military Solicitor'? You don't get a 'military solicitor' when you are taking on 'the firm' in an Administrative case.

    Unless things have changed recently?
  4. Perhaps you should start with a reputable HR consultant who
    specialises in Employment law.?
    PM me for more info.