Recommendations for Broadband Provider???

Good Morning All

Can anybody make any recommendations for a broadband provider?

My usage in priority order, is as follows: Gaming, general internet (ie ebay, banking, porn) and then TV/film streaming.

I have done a search on here, but the latest thread I found was 2009. As Arrse has provided some good gen in the past on how to get various viruses off my system, I thought the technoheads on here may be a good source.

Thanks for any help,


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We've been with plus net for years, good service, good reviews and my partner is a geeky computer freak and knows about such things.
02 thoroughly customer service (you won't get earth or rayc) good and they give a discount if you or your family (broad interpretaion) have another product with them.
I was with OneTel (Talk Talk) for a few years, OK'ish until somethin went wrong - the very shitest service ever.

Now with Sky, speeds are fine, I'm on an unlimited 8Mb service, last time something went wrong, they sorted it (well it was a BT line fault, but I pay Sky for the line rental so they took care of it), UK call centre staff (the service desk leader even gave me the direct line number to chase up if necessary on the BT fault). I've got Sky TV, and Sky Talk which gives me unlimited calls 24x7. All in all a happy bunny.

IIRC, the comparison sites show that if you've already got Sky TV, then their broadband works out cheapest. Best to check though.
I'm with Talk Talk right now and providing you use your own router (the one they provide is useless with a range of about 3 feet), it's a good, cheap service.
BT give me a good service (Ooh Err), I had Talk Talk but they were shitter than a shit thing from shitesville arizona.
Agree stay away from talktalk and Virgin are only any good if you are in their cabled area.
We've been with plus net for years, good service, good reviews and my partner is a geeky computer freak and knows about such things.
I'm with Plusnet. I'll agree, good speeds and not bad service. I do find their download limits a little on the frustrating though. Their standard is 10Gb, and you can pay a bit more and get 60Gb. However, you'll be surprised just how quickly you can burn through that if you are gaming and streaming video.

Other than that, it's fine. I'm looking for someone who can give me more though.
BT Infinity Option 2. I'm pulling down 77-odd Mbit and upload is around 12. Unlimited downloads, however "Fair Use" is 300GB/Month. They throttle torrents at peak times, but this can be got around by using the Telnet port in uTorrent.

Also, the young lady BT engineer who installed mine was fit.
BT Infinity all day long.

I've had it for nearly 3 years and I've never had a problem. I always have the lowest ping on gaming servers (to the point of getting accused of hacking lol!)

Brilliant line ^^
I think you have to do a bit of research according to your local area. An ISP that might be the vicar's knickers in one area may be crap (or unavailable) in another depending on type of line, line sharing etc.

Look out for download limits/fair usage policy in the small print.
Don't go to Virgin, they aren't any more, somebody Fecked em. 30mb is fine but the ping time is around a fortnight.

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