Recommendations for an aftershave?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Litotes, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. I am coming to the end of a bottle of Givenchy Gentleman which has given good service, considering that I bought it before Telic 1. For various reasons, I haven't had cause to use it and I suspect that the important ingredients have all "done a runner" in the intervening years.

    I am therefore in the market for an aftershave but, being on the wrong side of 40, I have trained myself to be impervious to adverts; hence, I don't have a clue as to what is available on the High Street, let alone what is classy.

    I want to smell nice and expensive, with a lot of machismo but retaining a smidgin of femininity, which I understand is all important these days. Ideally, it should knock the ladies dead. Well, perhaps not dead precisely, but you get my drift!

    My budget is flexible because I'm buying for someone special - me!!!!

    Does anyone have any suggestions other than ether, chloroform or rohypnol?! I suspect that I am really asking the ladies what they like to smell on a gentleman??

  2. Although you will get plenty of responses from fragrant fellas such as myself.

    I tend to be a tight bastard at the best of times, making Versace Blue Jeans a no-brainer at £9.50 for 75ml. Smells nice too.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

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  4. I will point out that I feel I have moved on from the sophistication of Old Spice and Blue Stratos in my youth!

  5. Brut aftershave,no contest surely?
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  6. All my adult life I really thought women would like the smell of a 'real man' without aftershave. Maybe OK when leaving for a night out but after a couple of hours sweating it out on the dance floor I began to doubt this very much. I'm not on the market so to speak so nowadays I'll just spray whatever my wifeoid leaves hanging around in the bathroom..... hopefully it might attract some hot, lonely, poor sighted bisexual babes..... :roll:
  7. Thank you, R_C. "Leather and swashbuckling" sound right up my street; however, I am on narrowband and the website is trying to download War & Peace! I might have to wait!

  8. That is so wrong..... :D

  9. Do you need the said aftershave to find yourself a "friend" in that case go for some of this for free...... and watch them come a running!

    I myself use the following.....

    Fahrenheit - when I had a dorris.

    Joop - After I binned the Dorris three weeks ago, and now back looking for an upgrade!
  10. After a rather hectic day went out for drinkies/dinner in a bit of a rush.

    "What aftershave are you wearing?" asked our hostess. "Really is quite unusual but quite nice."

    "I believe it is called Hoppe's No.9" grated Mrs B. :roll:

    Otherwise Eau Savage is a pretty safe bet.
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  11. Christ, what a bunch of uncultured plebs.

    Litotes, try 'Eau Savuage' by Dior. You can get a sampler from good outlets, and you wont smell like a chav on the pull.
  12. Steady on now...
  13. There is no contest, if you have a freshly washed soap and shampoo smell, You don't need aftershave. (With a little bit of Chocolate lynx under the arms)
    I'm not a neanderthal, I find charm , wit and personality works every time. Don't bother annoying every fecker within 5metre of your radius with the overploying stench of your new man smell.
    Failing that, don't wash for a week and rely on your natural pheromones to pull the slappers. The cheesey bellend might be a tad off putting though.(If you ever get that far)
  14. What he said in spite of the fact that my swash buckled ages ago. Good if you like lemon based products, you may also want to consider Paco Rabanne and or Boucheron. Sophisticated like me :D