Recommendations for a laptop please.

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Mr_Snakey, May 9, 2012.

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  1. I have a good PC and my old Acer laptop has given up the ghost.

    I am looking for a laptop that I can take on tour for DVDs, photos, email where possible and which I can do presentations on when I get back.

    Tough is good, portable is very good.

    I fancy the MacBook 13" (the little one). The main con is cost.

    Can anyone make a recommendation please?
  2. For those requirements. Dell, or IBM Thinkpad (lenovo) for a tad more money (or buy from ebay)

    DONT touch Toshiba. Anything sourced locally, from your local PC high street shop, is likely to be the same as anything else bought locally. One company in the UK assembles something like 70% of all UK Tier2/3 brand laptops. Same parts, different case branding.

    Tough is another matter.... Panasonic Toughboook, GRiD, but they cost £££. 20 years ago Husky ran an ad for their laptop with the strap line "Scud proof". it was pulled when it was pointed out that whilst the laptop survived, the operators didnt survive the scudding...
  3. [h=1]I picked up one on these about a month ago at Lewis as a return, Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-21D - Core i3 2.4 GHz - 6 GB Ram, cost me £295 [/h]
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  4. I love my MacBook Pro 13, tell them you are a student and they knock £50-£100 quid off it!
  5. Oh dear.
  6. I just bought the 13" mac book pro mate awesome machine and I would highly recommend it, my only moan is I am still struggling to learn the mac OS over windows but it is aega machine with a awesome screen.

    Cost is a fair one but you genuinely get what you pay for and apples warranty is second to none (broken for new) and if your serving and a student you can get upto 23% off :) I presented my paramedic hpc ID army ID and student ID (Glamorgan Uni PGCERT) but I got the 10% army Discount and the 13% student discount!! Can't complain with that.
  7. What? It does what it needs to for me. Just re-checked it was £249
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  8. Get another ACER, it will probably fall out of the same chinky factory as the Mac.

    Expensive Mac + Tour = buggered + cost

    Cheap Lappy + Tour = buggered + who cares
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  9. Tis pish. I made the mistake of purchasing a Toshiba 8 months ago and it soon started to decline. I only burnt a couple of CDs before it stopped allowing me to burn any more. Even though its an I3, it has problems with doing things. The graphics card has a small amount of memory so it uses the 6 gig of RAM to supplement that.

    I still use it at the moment, but I am waiting for a Lenovo as we type.
  10. I would forget the Lenovo we use them at work, utter pish, everyone is trying to break theirs to get rid of it.
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  11. Slight thread hijack:

    I'm after a business ultramobile/ultrabook (probably will just get a Toshiba R830 or Z830), but always prefer to see a laptop hands-on before buying online.

    Anyone know a good place to VIEW a wide range of current model laptops, including Lenovos/Samsung, etc? Would love to find a place that actually has more than one or two models in the range (ie how many Lenovo models are there currently?!) PCW/Currys superstores have quantity, but they seem to stock old models. T Court Road is ok, but the shops tend to have grey-import models which are difficult to compare price-wise with online vendors. The ideal would be if "Laptops direct" or similar had a big superstore display somewhere..
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  12. Oh, I was installing stuff on one not so long ago and it seemed mighty fine....but then anything would compared to this Toshiba I suppose.
    I also saw reviews saying it was a great laptop to have in shite environments such as Afghanistan.
  13. Horses for courses, I suppose
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  14. Cheers guys.

    To those who recommend the MacBook pro, would you take it on tour?

    I am cat 2+ and may move frequently.