Recommendations for a first time gun owner

When I finally get my firearms certificate I'll be after a few old bolt-action rifles for target shooting and to kill Bambi's mum, what would you recommend? I'm thinking of something along the lines of a Lee-Enfield or a Mosin-Nagant carbine.
Id recommend something modern for purposes of hunting although you cant beat a Lee Enfield for a fun bit of target shooting.
How much do you want to spend? What will you be hunting? How big are you (remember bolt actions don't have a spring to absorb recoil)?
You'll need to be a little more specific regarding game as there are limits on what you can use.

Also depends on the area your shooting said game as for example Scotland have slightly different rules for the calibre you can use.

Also it depends on whats granted on your certificate and the land your firing it on too.

If I remember rightly Ugly is probably a good one to chat to on this, I'm sure he'll be along shortly


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Try the Holts auction for a half decent second hand .270.

Should see you good for some plinking and some Bambi blatting.
0.308 is a good choice for a first rifle. Target or hunting ammo is easy to come by and you can also buy some affordable surplus 7.62 for practice.

The requirements for target shooting and deer stalking are a little bit different. For target shooting you really want a heavy barrel and a chunky stock that is good for prone shooting with a bipod or rear bag. However this will get to be a bit of a pain if you are going to carry it for stalking. Stalkers generally go for a lightweight barrel and a stock more suitable for offhand shooting.

The Lee-Enfields converted to 7.62 are still a good bargain. Heavy barrel Remington 700s are also a good choice, but these days I would personally recommend a Howa as a first rifle. Highland Outdoors offer a 'pick and mix' option where you can choose the finish, barrel weight and stock to suit your requirements.

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Think carefully, a target rifle as opposed to service rifle generally has a heavy barrel and isnt much use to stalk with. Nothing to stop you asking for a .303 for target with a club and another .303 for stalking (land needed and possibly training and mentoring). A basic .22 and or .17 should be asked ffor, one for target and the other for pests.
Service rifles tend not to convert easily to sporting use although there are many out there already done. Dont think a .270 will be fun on the range, it will be expensive to feed for a start.

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