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Recommendations for a end-of-hunt quaff


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I apologise in advance if this is the wrong forum. Mods, please move to appropriate forum.

I've been trying to get my hands on a bottle of Stroh Jagertee for a few months now based on a few recommendations here and elsewhere. Nobody here in Aus has stock at the moment and no-one can get it any time soon (I'm not sure if it is because of COVID shipping problems or if it has stopped being manufactured altogether. If anyone knows for sure, please let me know). I'm a bit peeved as I was hoping to get it in time for a hunting trip that I have coming up in a few months.

I'm looking for recommendations for warm alcohol drinks for the end of a days hunting when we're sitting around the camp-fire spinning a few yarns and generally bezzering.

If anyone wants to post their favourite recipes with alcohol that is currently on the market, it'll be gladly received.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t know if this helps or shipping is to Aus. Never tasted or heard of it before so your thoughts on it or recommendation would be of interest.
It better be the best bloody drink in the world!

Despite my last rant about the supplier telling me it is being shipped back to them after spending a week and a half in the shipping companies storage facility, the courier has finally contacted me. Turns out it was stuck there due to owing import tax.

Now this one bottle has cost me three times the amount it would have if I had bought it in Aus (had anyone here actually had stock of it)
Two parts Stroh rum, one part port, one part strong infusion of tea, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom with honey.

Infusion can be made by boiling a load of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves in water with honey, bunging in a couple of big spoons of loose leaf tea at the end, off the heat and allowing to cool. Remove the bits by filtering or a fine tea strainer once cool.

Bottle the mix or carry in a flask and when needed fill a mug with it to about a third, squeeze of lemon juice and top up with boiling water.
I'm going to take a crack at this recipe on the weekend. How much cinnamon, ginger, cardamon and cloves would you recommend?
For a litre of the tea, two teaspoons each of ground cinnamon, ground ginger, three or four cardamom pods crushed to get at the seeds and three or four cloves. Half cup of honey or just three or four dessert spoons of sugar and a dessert spoon of loose leaf tea. Needs to be quite concentrated so it can be watered down with booze and hot water and still provide flavour.

Best is to play about with it until you get a feel for things and do it by ear. Tweak the flavours to suit yourself.

ETA: I carry a mix of rum and port in a hip flask. Squeeze of lemon in a mug, sugar, splash of the booze and top up with hot water for a very nice toddy.

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