Recommendations anyone please?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jaguars_UK, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. Hey I've posted a couple of times on here and all the feedback seems great so far (well except for some of the guys in a certain career choice but that won't put me off). It's also great to see that everyone's in the same boat. And I understand these questions are asked all the time > but I don't really have anyone else to ask.

    I have put together my 3 choices and I'm a little unsure that I'd be making the right one's. I'm 28 and spent 2 years in civi police when I was 20 and didn't really like all the crap that came with it (after all I was fresh from uni). I can put my mind to anything and have a good standard of education.

    My three choices are;

    1) Int Corps
    2) RMP
    3) AAC crewman

    It's the third one thats bothering me, I really like the idea of it and the possibility of promotion to pilot. However, due to age I have been rejected for officer, so straight into pilot is not possible.

    When I mentioned my choices I got no excitement from the recruiters don't know if this is standard? I don't think they get many people signing up from my area other than for infantry.

    So if anyone can make any recommendations for my third choice that has a little excitment on the job that would be great. btw I do respect para's / infantry but I just don't think it's for me. Maybe with prospects for return to civi life in a number of years.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. They're only jealous. Personally, I'd have AAC Crewman at #1, but then I'm biased. Be aware though, if you're really good at your primary trade, you may find yourself bogged-down as there can be a certain reluctance to let you get on, and at your age you need to push.

    If you were hacked-off as a Bobby, I doubt RMP will fill you with cheer.

  3. Go for what ever choice you like, bearing in mind that once you reach the dizzy heights of Cpl and in some cases senior LCpl you can apply for pilot training if you have the aptitude.

  4. is the pilot training regardless of age > or would there still be an age restriction? I'm not choosing this path to specifically go for pilot training, but would be great to know there would still be the possibility regardless of age.
  5. btw thanks for the answers guys
  6. There is an age limit. The current one should be available at your careers office. If you ask on the Aviation board you'll get more current info than I can give you.
  7. If it was me I would have AAC at number 1 also, because im joining them too :p but there is quite a lengthy waiting list for it.
  8. Got to say the recruiters were alot more helpful when i gave them proofs of education and sat my BARB. Did great so I'm happy and still have my first 2 choices and have been given great advice for my third.
  9. think my choices have changed:
    1) Int Corps
    2) Geo tech
    3) RMP
  10. If you went to uni (which your first post reads as if you did), why not go for Officer?

    What didn't you get on with in the Police? Discipline? Rules and Regs? These might be similar, if not worse, in the Army.

    You don't have to become an Officer with a degree, but as you wanted to in order to be a pilot, why not in any of your other job choices. Your age will be less of an issue as an officer too.
  11. If you were to go AAC you can't join direct as crewman and even when you are you only really do the job when your on tour. If you didn't get on with civvy police your not going to get on with RMP so i'd suggest Int corps but like strikes said if you've got the education go officer. If you go officer you'll get a better feeling for what you want to do once your at sandhurst.
  12. I sent off a notice of interest for officer a couple of weeks ago, and the reply was I left it too late. They would not be able to get me on a training course before the cut off date, which was a real shame as I believe I have the apptitude and life experience to back this up. I was quite upset with the decision, but this will not stop me. Just means I have to work alot harder to get where I want to be.

    As for civi police, I joined at 20. The usual intake age back then was around 25. Almost everyone I know who tries for south yorks gets rejected due to lack of life experience. I did very well on all the tests and interview days, finding the application process a breeze. Training went excellent and in my final review was told I would make sgt within 2 -3 years. I joined with a view to joining armed response or dog handler. I was informed on attendance at the training unit, that this WOULD NEVER happen within the first 8 years.

    Being honest the job wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped. I spent most of the time writing statements for crimes which probably could have been dealt with by non police officers. It was basically just admin. I was only 22 recently lost my mum to cancer (tore my world apart), and felt like I hadn't travelled enough to commit to 30 years sat at a desk 5 mins down the road from my family home.

    I have had my party years now, I don't even drink anymore. I want to travel and have the diversity for my life to change as much as my job. I will never have a family, and get bored with girlfriends as quick as my cars. So I feel the time is right to commit everything (effort, time and life at home) to get the best career i can.

    Thanks guys I know what your saying, and I can see the first 12 weeks being an eye opener for sure. But I understand I'm going to get beasted and disciplined like I've never known, but I really want this new challenge.
  13. Well good luck to you mate