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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by stvwardy, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. I've recently been training properly {and dieting} since september of 2006 having asked my sergeant to wait for me to get fitter.

    i was a right fat sod back then weighing over 13st {sept 2006} and felt this was necessary being only 19 and 5 "10.

    however now {march 5th} ive been much improved in the fitness department, im currently 11st 9 and am running a mile and half everyday {proper running outside}, followed by a mile and half on the eliptical strider to cool down.

    my current time in running wear is 10:37 and 10:50 running with Proper heavy work boots, im able to do 30 push ups and 50 sit ups in 1min 20 manager at work {ex-army} seems to think this is good enough for selection {often complaining about the state of the lazy young people going in the army today} and tells me often {at every chance} that the army will get me even fitter, i'd like your advice before annoying and aggravating my family before joining up

    many thanks

  2. Where is your Sergeant waiting? Is he still there after six months? That's what I call devotion.

    Seriously though, why are you running in work boots?

    Is there really only 13 seconds of difference between your time in boots and in trainers?

    Are they really cheap trainers? Or really light boots?

    What are you planning on joining? Infantry or a Corps?

  3. i went down there, and as i was sat down reading some leaflets a warrant officer walked in and pointed at some fat lad on the other side of the room and told him to come back when he was fitter, and advised me to do the same, i havent heard from the sergeant in a long time mainly due to work commitments and looking after family members, so i have concentrated on getting fitter.....

    yes i did a mile and half yesterday in trainers {nice comfortable ones} and earlier today i did the same route in steel toe capped work boots that go past my ankles and there was only 13 seconds difference which surprised me, but im used to wearing heavy boots

    and im planning on joing the logistics core

    {and thanks for replying}
  4. Steel toe capped boots are not the best footwear for running in.

    As I said before, do you have proper trainers (i.e. running shoes)?

    Try looking here:
  5. Leave the boots for work mate, it sounds like you have a relatively decent standard of fitness to work from now so if you are serious about joining up go for it otherwise you will end up putting it off for ever. The army will get you fitter but stand by for some hard work as thats what basic training is all about.