recommendation for an idiots guide to computers

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by DiDi, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Not really artsy but can anyone recommend an idiots guige to computers that is not too expensive, does not have much technobabble, is easy to understand, covers everything from computers going wrong to how to find a virus and how to get ridof any viruses you find.

    Has nice pictures and pretty writting so I can understand it.

    This is comeing from a person how is happy when the key they hit correponds with the letter that comes up on the screen.

    Nothing indelicate please I am having to do this from work.

    Ta everyone
  2. Try

    "Computers for Dummies."
  3. Try "spell check" before you move on to anything more technical ;)
  4. Which Magazine give out a free guide if you phone the number in their TV ad
  5. I knew I could rely on you, had to type quickly boss was walking over

    opps and again
  6. :)

    I wouldn't buy a guide. All the info you need is on the internet. Just google what you need to know.
  7. And look on youtube, usually some pimply geeky kid who talks as if he has been inhaling helium has made a clip of to do what you are usually looking for
  8. My dad got the Which one mentioned above, I've got Windows for Dummies :D
  9. I favoured the 'Idiots Guides.....' back in my youth over the '......for dummies' books. They seemed more comical. This was when I was new to computers, back in 1994/5 and had just got a Pentium P60 from Escom (complete with OS/2 Warp and Windows 3.11 operating systems) which went bankrupt about 3 months after we bought the damn thing. The HDD was only about 512MB big too, My mum wouldn't splash out for the P90 that was faster and had twice the Drive an additional cost of about £800

  10. And in English :? :? :D

  11. Small problem with looking on the internet MY COMPUTER IS BROKEN. I am having to post at work.
  12. Just read the first line and half...thats the important bit. The rest was to use up my Quota of excess words for the week ;)
  13. that's the bit I understood up to 1994/5 enjoy using your new quota, you can have my quota as well as I cannot post until my puter is fixed. N cheering in the back there please