Recommendation for a burglar alarm/camera system

Can anyone recommend a decent alarm/camera system? It's for my workshop which had a visit from the light fingered fairies the other night and I want to be ready in case they return. I'm beefing up the physical security to make it more difficult for them to gain access but need something that will be loud enough to alert the farm cottages approx 50 metres away. I also want to catch them on camera so I can identify the little darlings! ;-) I understand it's possible to have a system that rings/texts you if it's activated? Before it's suggested, a bear pit, claymores and punji sticks are on order! :)


Deepest, darkest North Lincolnshire. We have a large travelling community who like to assist us to improve our security measures!


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These guys are totally independent and highly regarded in the industry Benchmark - independent security equipment tests, assessments and reviews

HD reviews here Benchmark Guide: HD Video Surveillance

CCTV is a visual deterrent, that is to say a lot of bad lads don't want to go near it and will pick a softer target. So install your HD of choice then plaster the place with fakes at under a tenner a shot Dummy and Fake Security Cameras CCTV

A 10ft birds-mouth fence topped with razor wire tends to focus their minds too. They are looking for easy in, easy out.
There's no way I can stop them gaining access to the building as it backs onto open farmland. HD video is what I'm looking at, that and wiring up the doors to the 3 phase supply!
If you're doggy, get a GSD and kennel it at night in the workshop.

For alarms, I have previously used ADT which, while not being cheap, is cheaper than having the house screwed.
I use Panasonic IP cameras IP Cameras Panasonicon house and out houses. Barn and workshop both wireless. barn even runs off a battery. All cameras send an email when something is around and record footage. You can view real time as well on some phones and all computers. Some low light some not. Been away from home for a few months now and everything works fine except the barn one (batt run out). Even when we had a power cut for a few days systems rebooted when power came back on. Some cameras have sound some have sound and speaker so you can tell em you know where they live. (I got a few surprises when I first put cameras up. I knew two lads who were having a look round while we were away). Personaly I prefer just to tell the plod and let them give the gits the good news.
I also have a couple of alarm mines from Henry cranks Alarm Mine [H4990] - £12.77 : Henry Krank, Everything for shooters and collectors with trip wires around the place. Left in a hurry I think I put blanks in?
It's a good Idea to leave a few old tools and stuff around as well they don't mooch with hands full.
My one it set to record naturally, but you can also set the individual camera zones to detect movement and set off an audible alarm indoors like I have if someone comes near the back door, or a strobe. It can also text me on holiday and tell me to log in, it thinks something is going on I need to be aware of.
Thats's what happened with matey, it called me at work and I called the Boys in Blue and asked them to equire of his mooching about my garden checking out the garages, back doors and windows.

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