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Hey guys,

Im unsure whether I want to go to Uni before joining. I feel like its the right choice but I'm sure confirming a spot in Sandhurst would take a while.
Have passed AOSB yet?
Do you know which Arm / Service you want to join?
Have you considered a Gap Year Commission?
Do you actually want to go to University for 3 years of academia, sports, social or are you doing it because you think it would look good on your application form?


How long do you intend to live? How long do you see being in the Army for?

As a passing observation, it's worth considering the difference between the two when considering the level of education you think you need.


There are two reasons to go to university - to study a subject for its own sake, or to pursue a particular career. Assuming you want the Army to be your career, if gaining a degree before entry will benefit you, do it. If you want to study a particular subject for its own sake, do it now, before a career, marriage, etc. make it a low priority.
Not sure I generally agree with that statement. I know of call centres packed with graduates with the Ology and creative option degrees.
Yep sure. But for a lot of jobs now having an under grad degree is a basic requirement and used as a filtering tool for cvs.

Why not give yourself every advantage?

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