recommend me an all-round .22RF

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by labrat, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. got a an empty slot on my ticket for a .22RF, and just got a few quid in the bank from a job.

    Would like something 'all-round' - ie a bit of bunny bashing and range/gallery type stuff along with general fun that comes from nice cheap ammo, unlike my HMR and .243

    the 'go to' seems to be a Ruger 10/22 semi auto - but is there anything else that I really ought to look before taking the plunge?

    Have seen the .22 MP5 and similar clones and they look fun, but somebody pointed me towards the ATI stocks, which take the 10/22 upper and don't scare the horses in the same way as the 'military' guns

    probably less waltish and better than being seen in the fields shooting bunnies with an 'assault rifle'?
  2. I had a Cooey model 64, and was very pleased with it, I think that they are made by Winchester now as Cooey is no longer in business.
  3. Semi-autos are not accurate enough for bunnies IMHO. They will jam, note will, not may.

    Bolt action CZ and you cannot go wrong, very accurate, I can hit a staple at 50m.

    Having said that... The gats you memntion are both semi-autos so your slot must be for a semi. I have a 10/22 it's very good TBH and lets face it, you can make it look like whatever you want. A MP5 clone will alway be an MP5 clone.
  4. They will jam if you don't feed them the right ammo, my cooey refused to feed CCI Stingers, but quite happly ate Imperial, Winchester, and Remington 22 LR, as well as the Remington Yellow Jacket hyper velocity rounds. Never had a problem with hitting a bunny in the head at up to 50 yards or so.
  5. I'd suggest a BSA Supersport or similar for rabbits and then have a "fun gun" as well. You can pick up an old BSA for a fiver at auction and they are very accurate and reliable.

    Most 22 semi autos are much less reliable in my experience so keep them for the range.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    There is no requirement for a semi slot for a .22rf, the law and guidance is clear the slot should be for rifle .22rf, your choice!
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  7. I shoot a CZ452 & it is a super little rifle.

    The newer 455 is even better. A mate has a target version of the latter & once dialled in for use with a suppressor & Eley hollow point subsonics & we regularly kill bunnies with it out to 150yds.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The CZ is a fine and rifle enough type of gun, however take out the bolt in the shop and inspect the inside of the receiver, one or two I have seen with a rough finish inside, not enough to affect the operation but enough tooling marks to bother the unsuspecting owner and by the time its on your ticket its a bit late!
  9. Thanks for the pointers

    my .17 HMR is a CZ452 - and yes, as accurate as could ever matter with me on the operating end, and what I usually use for bunnies

    so it looks like I should concentrate on making this a 'fun gun' then- :)

    in which case - any advice on a 10/22 with ATI stock gratefully received:

  10. If it's for fun, then what about one of the MP5/Steyr AUG/StG44 lookalikes?
  11. Bollocks. My 10/22 groups .8" at 50 yds with Winchester Super X subsonics, even with my biff shooting. You hear only two things, the bolt smacking forwards again and the hollow thud as the round hits the bunny's head. It is fussy on the ammo though, Eley subs are nearly as good but are noisier (the farms I shoot on are mainly close to houses), Remingtons OK, but too many fliers, and CCI make the target look as if I've got Parkinson's.
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  12. Remington 597VTR are now cheap and quite handy. Nice and short and pointy. I like mine a lot.
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  13. What is it with this urge to make every thing look like a cheap and nasty third world bangstick?
    Wood, blued steel, and clean lines people.
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  14. You can tart a 10/22 up so it's as accurate as any off the shelf CZ452 but it seems the more you swap the internals out the fussier they get with ammo. I've got a S&W 15-22 and with decent ammo it will hold a 10mm group out of a rest at 25yds, granted it's no Anschutz, but it's decent for a semi and it will cycle pretty much anything and still work reliably when filthy, unlike the 10/22. The GSG and Umarex offerings seem to be significantly worse. The CZ is a nice gat though, if I did shoot bunnys I'd probably have one.
  15. Anschutz XIV Carbine thumb-hole stock is very accurate and quiet with moderator fitted, I picked one up second hand but hardly used, its only down side is I find the butt stock to short for me and new price is quite steep.