Recommend me a gas stove?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Run_Charlie!, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Preferably small cheap, and light!

  2. Enough about you, what sort of gas stove do you want ?
  3. I'm using the same cooker as Blob, I have been toying with the idea of a jetboil?
    hexi is always good as a back up especially if you end up on crab air and they take your gas canister off of you! Yor Q&M's don't do nice little butane cans - plenty of hexi though!
  4. I used the hexi cooker on Herrick in the desert, it emitted no light at all. The QM's will not re-supp gas, so stick to hexi...It's free for a start!!
  5. Pocket Rocket all the way
  6. I have a Jetboil - it is great - it will do 2 cups worth of water in 3 mins. A tin of soup is a bit quicker at 2 mins on full power. I have also fried an egg in it - but won't do that again - it took me ages to clean it!. The obvious drawback is that you cannot take cas cannisters on a flight with you - but they can be shipped through the post. Just order some before you go to be delivered at your address on ops.

    I also have a MSR fuel stove - better than the Jetboil as it will burn any form of combustible liquid fuel including diesel. The drawback is that it stays hot for a little while and may not be any good if you have to pack up and go quite quickly. Not a problem for me as I am RLC and we never do anything quickly.

    Jetboil in daysack - Fuel stove in webbing - and I hardly leave the office nowadays. Great stuff.

    Does this make me a fuel stove walt?
  7. I'm with Blob and stitch.

    I use a (brand new so haven't used it yet) Jet Boil. I was lent one by a (VERY) good friend. They are mint.

    Have carried a hexi since basic (probably the same one), then moved to the crusader.

    I have a multi stove too. Useful when on det. but not when on shanks pony.
  8. MSR Pocket Rocket for Exercise.

    Hexi for on tour - You don't want to be trying to source gas tins every couple of weeks when you're in a FOB.
  9. MSR pocket rocket, excellent piece of kit, trust me it's not called rocket for nothing, the little bastard produces the biggest flame i've seen from a gas stove! I always carry a hexi stove though, if I run out of gas or the stove breaks.
  10. Hexi or MSR Wisperlight International < multi-fuel

    (for all the good reasons above)
  11. My brother has a coleman stove that he's going to give me. When I look online it says coleman gas must be used, is this really necessary or can I use any gas as long as it's got the correct screw fitting?
  12. have to agree with everyone here Pocket Rocket is the best but the gas runs out pretty quickly. Gas is quite expensive and would be hard to find on ops i suppose. Hexi's fine though