Recommend any good Surplus sites?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by R0ogie, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. Thanks for the helpful replies muckers!
  2. Are you a start-up walt? I like up in Norwich. They recognise me each time I call and are really friendly bunch. They ship abroad if needed.
  3. Nah Im not a walt :)

    Im a cadet NCO, But Ill be using this stuff in the next few months as Ill be in the army hopefully.
  4. No you won't, you'll be using the stuff you get issued with. Don't waste your money on tacticool junk unless you really want the piss ripped out of you.
  5. Ask to borrow some from your cadet leaders.
  6. Trust me, Were allowed our own webbing and I want it now because 1. I have the money. 2. Its not just for cadets. (It has nothing to do with cadets if Im allowed to use it I will)
    3. I wont get the piss ripped out of me
  7. You truly live up to your name.
  8. If it's multicam you will. Actually you will anyway. What the hell is wrong with issue kit?
  9. 58 Pattern. Nuff said.
    And to be honest, The subject isnt opinion its advice.
  10. 1. if you a cadet it really doesnt matter.
    2. You can't buy MTP yet and multi-cam is not what the British Army uses.
    3. If you rock up at your Phase 1 destination with your own multi-cam webbed they will ripp the shit our of you, all day every day!
  11. Thanks for stating the obvious. Im not that stupid + I wont be bringing my own webbing to P1.

    I asked a question, I didnt ask for your useless opinions. I thought this site would be a good place to ask but I see not.
  12. No Wah.

    Loose the attitude you ******* dick, do a little browsing of this site, use the search function.

    If anything, you don't require surplus stores, you require military equipment sellers.

    What cap badge do you see yourself joining?

    You will enjoy basic training with your current mindset, you will be pinged within 10 mins of getting off the bus.

    Enjoy the pain!
  13. Wow. Theres not "mindset" Or attitude.
    There simply me asking for a site to get equipment for a good price.
    I appreciate you people trying to help but I know whether or not I want/need/can have this stuff.

    Cadets wise, and general use. I personally hate 58 pattern webbing.

    Now, Your the ******* dick.

    Thank you good sir!

    Edit: Furthermore I have alot more forum experience than your 500ish posts. Maybe not on this site though.
    I did use the search button and Didnt find what I needed.
  14. Just used issue kit, as the instructors like uniformality. Spare pair of boots never hurts, however if you choose to ignore all of the above users sage wisdom, carry one thought belt buckle down GO...