Recommend a medal mounting company?

It's time for the new miniature to be mounted with the others, in time for the St David's dinner, as it is in Welsh units...

Anyone recommend a nice mounter, who will also supply the QDJM miniature as well, please mention the cost.

Guess they could be a bit busy for the next few months :)

Kindly yours.
Worcestershire Medals in Bromsgrove is my suggestion.
When you do get the QDJM, try AwardMedals.Com 01952 510053. They do a great job, either Court or Swing mount.
Why would you want to include the Battle of Jubilee Medal? You haven't been awarded it yet.
Miniatures are to be worn on Mess Kit WEF 7 Feb 12
I love the Mess dress outfits ad for george boots, available in three colours, black or brown?.
#15 do a quick job however having looked at a set they have done the work is not up to standard. They look fine until you start looking at the detail then you notice things like, Medals not centered on the brooch, White tape used to stick the ribbon down, fishing line used to hold the gong on and no backing. As i said they are quick, fairly cheaplook ok until you look in detail. All depends what you want, but at getting on for £60 for miniatures and full size i am going for quality so going elsewhere.
I was happy with The Medal Mounting Co.

He is located close to me so I delivered and collected.

Friendly. Helpful. Good quality. Good value.

I shall be returning later this year for more.

If you walked through Easterhouse in Glasgow you wouldn't get mugged as quickly as if you went to Spink. "How would you like to pay, Sir" Through the nose, obviously.

Worcestershire medals will supply the QDJM miniature for a pound if you have your medals mounted by them. If you're a tight fcuker like me that's a game winner. Oh, and they do a good job as well.

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