Recommend a Glyder School in the South East?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by LEFTY478, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Chaps

    As is says: I'm looking for a recommendation for a good (quality & cost) Glyder School near(ish) to Surrey, as my big Four-0 is looming and I need ideas for the family etc.

    I have no problem using google: The London Glyding Club (out of Dunstable) and Nene Valley both appear to be prof outfits, so it's personal experiences of these, or others, that I'm after.

    All replies gratefully accepted.
  2. Never flown in a glider myself but a good friend who is into stuff like that learnt at Lasham near Alton and reccommended it to me if I ever wanted to learn. Believe she was very complimentary about the instructor, although couldn't swear that wasn't just because she thought he was fit!
  3. Depends where you are in Surrey, but Lasham is quite good. I gave my wife trial flights for a couple of her birthdays and the children were excited just looking at all of the ac - a few people were kind enough to let them sit in their ac (there are some powered jobs based there as well). There's a reasonable little cafe in the club house.
  4. The Southdown Gliding Club was excellent when I went there a few years ago. Also Consider Lasham which is the largest civvi gliding club in the world but will probably be quite pricey.

    As for service gliding clubs, you could try Kestral GC at RAF Odiham or the Army Gliding Club at Upavon

    The British Gliding Association website is quite useful.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The one at Ringmer near Lewes did a great 40th for a friend of ours!
  6. Thanks for the replies/links gents,

    Location is between Pirbright and Sandhurst, so great for a couple of them - but no longer serving, so that (I assume) will rule out the Crown/Service clubs.

    Lasham is looking like a strong contender though.

    As an aside, Ugly: what time of year does the Lewes mob do the burning of the Pope/black boy/gipo's van ceremony, or whatever it is they do? Would be good to combined the two...

  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Bonfire night but get there early!
  8. The charities commission rules have changed in the past year and you'd get full membership of serving clubs. I fly at Upavon and it's at least 1/4 of the cost of Lasham for membership and probably half price on launches, soaring and related costs.

    More info at
    Courses try

  9. My father and brother in-law both go to the Southdown Glider Club, never been up myself but they both say its a friendly none snotty sort of place.

    Probably about an hour from Guildford.
  10. sorry now I've read your post properly I'll add some more.

    My dad went there as a birthday present.

    We paid £80 for 1 lesson (about 35mins) also included was 6 months membership.

    If you don't want that I think it costs around £50 for 1 lesson.
  11. Does that apply generally, eg the Golf Club at Aldershot?
  12. Cisco / g1ngar

    Thanks all the links chaps. Prices at Wyvern are very reasonable!

  13. Never been gliding at Dunstable myself but did go to Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club and a couple of the instructors there swore by Dunstable. Seems very crowded to me though