Recommend a DVB-T stick for Iraq???

Hi peeps, virgin poster so please be gentle! ;-)

Off to the Sandpit shortly and looking for a DVB-T digital TV stick / card for my laptop. Would like any suggestions from those who have one out there what works and what doesn't.

I've read some reviews on Amazon, one guy said his "August PC" one worked in Iraq but he wished he'd bought the Freecom one. Went to the Freecom review and most said it was crap. :O

Main problem seems to be getting a good enough signal. Do you need a better external aerial or are the supplied ones enough???

I used a Freecom one whilst i was out there...but you must have BFBS digital pumped around your location......and a beefy TV aerial is a must for a good one before you go out. Being an Infantry Signaller we made one out of Vehicle anntennas and black nasty.

BAS or the COB as it is called now does have BFBS digital
I bought THIS ONE and have had a good reception with it. Reception was slightly stuttery at first but sorted this by moving the aerials. It's a little more expensive than most, but justified. It has 2 aerials which can either be used to boost the signal, or if you get a good signal you can record one channel and watch another . This would be more useful if BFBS have 2 good things on together 8O

:D :D :D
Thanks for your help guys, sorry for not replying sooner, just not had much time for net access :(

Tried the freecom one purely because I seen it in a shop and I could pick it up and leave with it there and then (I did pay).

Reception is pretty crap unless you're near the transmitter. Tried a booster type (powered) arial and that helped. Just borrowed that so gonna look for a good one online.

Anyway thanks for the replies. :D

P.S. Roll on Telic 11 :wink:


Hope you manage to get the aerial sorted out - feel free to PM me if you need any further help - I can get one of our engineers here at BFBS to get back to you.

You mentioned not having much time to use internet - can I ask if you've tried to use BFBS wifi yet? It's available in the new welfare village and you can use a Paypal account if you have one. We're always looking for feedback.


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