Recommandations on books on LRDG Op in the Balkans, Italy and Greece

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by fantassin, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. I am currently reading "Sting of the scorpion" by Mike Morgan and I would like to find other books dealing specificaly with LRDG ops in the Balkans and on Greek Islands; any recommandations ?

    On the same area, any recommandations for books on the Raiding Support Regiment ?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. "Eastern Approaches by Fitzroy MacLean

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Try bearded brigands and the kiwi scorpion read them a while ago there's a bit about the other campaigns mostly north Africa tho.
  4. Thanks for that but those two books are now rarities and they sell for anything between 110 and 779 sterlings on !

    I read Eastern approaches 20 years ago, a cracking read if ever there was one.

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm rich adios *******!!!
  6. There is also:

    Maj Gen David Lloyd Owen (2000):providence Their Guide: The Long Range Desert Group 1940 - 1945, London, Leo Cooper.
  7. Thanks, ordered as well as British SF in North Africa (even though it's not the right AO !)
  8. Long Range Desert Group - In the Mediterranean. By R.L. Kay.

    Merriam Press, Bennington VERMONT

    ISBN: 1-57638-138-2

    Note: Originally published in booklet form in 1950 as part of the New Zealand Army in the Second World War Official History series by the War History Branch, Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington, New Zealand.
  9. Thanks; found and ordered,the last remaining copy !

    As for Pen and Sword, I had a bad experience with them. I ordered a book on their website for 30 Sterlings, then got a message saying it was no longer available. I was deployed for a while so could not attend the issue immediatly and on my return I was told that the book was out of print and that I would not be refunded because they could not trace my order anymore....I was not impressed but I never got my 30 quids back.
  10. Also,

    Yunnie, P. (1950) Fighting with Popski's Private Army, Greenhill Books, London.

    I have this on my bookcase along with Peniakoff's own book. Both are a good read