Recomended read

Supreme Courage: Peter De La Billiere.

Heroic stories 150 years of the Victoria Cross

Outstanding read, picked it up on Wednesday night and have barely put it down. Even a bit about Beharry.

Not too many long words and plenty of pictures :D
I concur.

Read this when it first came out, I am sure all the medics know the story of Chavasse, but I found it staggering.
for all you german military buffs out there then "grenadiers" by kurt meyer is an amazing read!
Great book.
At school I was stuck on Sven Hassel books (Wheels of Terror, SS General etc) but there is a book I thoroughly recommend but I am burgered if I can remember what it was called - synopsis - German SS dudes leg it after WW2 and join La (Le?) Legion Etrangere and find themselves in Vietnam - it was fcuking brill, great skills n drills, ahh - the bloke was Hans Joseph Wagemueller I think.
The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer. Set in the Eastern Front. By chapter 3 you would think most people would have been dead. Tough fatherless.
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