Recognition of REST personnel on HERRICK

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by CrazyLegs!, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. This letter appeared in this months soldier mag:

    Your thoughts?

    A friend of mine recently returned from Herrick after serving in an IEDD team, and is of the opinion that anyone serving in an IEDD/REST on Herrick should receive the QCVS.
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  2. Considering there are personnel who don't go forward of KAF and BSN who get QCVS etc I think it is only right that these guys should get a bit more recognition.
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  3. Here Here. CrazyLegs, check inbox Fellah!
  4. I was a searcher. Theres no recognition or thanks that goes beyond the IEDD team. We hammered the reps from the army pay review board for commitment bonus, addition pay spoke to countless visiting Brigadiers and colonels that visited the C-IED Task force and nothing came from it. There was talk about giving us a specialist badge, to resemble some credit, but, that seems to have been binned.

    Kit is tiresomely slowly evolving in the search world. End of the day, what's the point in a metal detector that can't pick up LMC IED's? and the other detector just doesn't do the job it's supposed too and it isn't properly designed for the tasks being carried out by it. If the groundsign isn't obvious, then searchers stand little chance of a finding it.

    Also, getting treated like dirt from most infantry battalions of which we're attached too, and getting spammed to do their duties around camp and complaints of how long they have put in a cordon for and the man power they need to secure us.

    Most seniors are too bothered about writing up there own career, than showing credit for the work of sappers.
  5. Explain why you were treated like dirt? Did you expect a champagne breakfast every morning? What's wrong with doing duties in a FOB? We're on patrol every day but are still required to perform other duties. Everyone needs to muck in unless of course you think you're too special? And of course the blokes are going to whinge sitting on cordons. They are boring and potentially dangerous. You are the ones the blokes will sometimes take out their frustrations on as they are sat there waiting for you and CIED to wrap up. Dry your eyes, man up and get over it. Did you join REST for special treatment and accolade or to save lives and to do an outstanding job? Indeed, you do a job out of the ordinary but so do the vallon men in each patrol.

    Honours and awards aren't dished out for doing your job but for performing a feat which is unexpected of you. Finding IED's and clearing areas is expected of you, though we all realise the dangers of the job. I have the upmost respect for those who **** around with IED's but don't expect special treatment or medals on a plate because Helmand is just too volatile for many others as well for that to happen.

    You do an outstanding job though and I tip my beret to all of you.
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  6. Agreee with most points from NT and Fally, however, I'm surprised you feel you were treated badly NT. At the start of H10 we received a somewhat lukewarm welcome but within no time the Infantry lads understood our job within the IEDD/Search role and often went out of their way to help us in the PB's and the like. Perhaps you didn't have a strong RESA or he/she and/or others in the IEDD/Search teams gave some attitude? Only problem we had wasn't really with blokes on the ground but BG's fighting over us as Brigade Assests which led to being fucked about all over the province and on more than one occasion cancelling a Helo booked by JFEOD.

    One thing I do agree with NT on is the writing up of Seniors/Ops on tour is pretty rife. I know of one Sapper who worked with a highly decorated ATO on a job he is most famous for and discovered many of the IED's people had been led to beleive were found by himself. Did this Sapper get a commendation? No.

    Fally, totally agree with you about lads on patrol being vallon men and the dangers. However, on a foot patrol, you have more licence to choose your own route which means there is a possibility of encountering an IED, search teams are tasked with High Risk VP/VA's where there will almost certainly be IED's.

    All in all, Infanteers, Searchers and ATO's all play a dangerous game in Afghan but i think more recognition of the junior ranks from within our own C-IED community wouldn't go amiss. The example above is one of a handful of events that could of easily been written up on that tour. To use the tired cliche of we are all little cogs in a big machine seems to fit quite well here.
  7. True, though our vallon men haven't got the experience and training your guys get. It is pretty daunting for a youngster to be dicked as vallon man when he hasn't attended a patrol search course (or any course) and hasn't much experience on the ground. Though to be fair I'd rather be a vallon man leading a patrol and trying to stay clear of IEDs then actively go looking for them! We all have much respect for REST but you'll always be the ginger step kids to ATO and the likes as that's just the way it is.
  8. Haha, true!! Always the case! Does everyone not undergo Groundsign awareness training on RSOI now? Also, would it not be better putting a more experienced Tom on the Vallon who has a bit of savvy about him? I know how daunting it is for young lads, even though I trained for the job on PDT my arse still went 5p-50p for the first couple of jobs!
  9. What makes me laugh is that people go on about drivers hours ect on ops, yet, vallon men, weather your an all arms searcher on patrol or a REST member you're expected to do gaurd duties and carry out High Risk search the following day. Then when you mention that, it's lack of manning up? Sounds like lack of bad management which the concequences could be very severe.

    I'm not saying REST should get special recognition, but perhaps ALL persons that use a vallon. Then it goes back to argument, a G10 downgraded sapper at bastion gets the same rate of pay as a searcher, why?

    Also, I wouldn't necessery say that even as a REST we have more training than infantry searchers, I never touched a vallon until my MRX before deploying, so I played around with it for about 8 days worth.

    If searchers were sergeants to majors, like ato's, awards and promotions would come quicker. Fact. I just feel that because most searchers are sappers or privates there efforts aren't recognised because of how short time they have served in the army. I don't see how the management of search teams get written up better on their S-jars than searchers?
  10. Don't be daft NT, he gets arduous working condition pay working in an ISO container, least they did on my tour!! I see where you are coming from in regards to senior ranks being searchers equalling more awards etc but that would require 4x the amount of that rank, more than would be necessary and surely a waste of money?
  11. Its just a case of a massive chinny up.

    The bigger the war, the crazier things that have to be done in order to win honours and awards. Ive seen drivers sprint across open ground, under fire, in order to move vehicles into a better firing position when PB's came under attack, but no-one bats an eye, its just part of the day job.

    I don't think its too inaccurate to say that the kind of thing that would have been considered brave, gallant or crazy 10 years ago is now very much the day to day norm in Helmand Province. In the same vein as the "Rosette" argument, with everyone wearing the same medal, you as a person are well aware of what you did or did not do, and there is no need to wear your CV on your chest like the Yanks do to shout it to the world. If we applied the standards for honours and awards exactly, im of the belief that there would be about 20% of the Army walking around with at least an MiD!

    REST do a superb job, as do Vallon men, as do the rear echelon. Without Pte Tubbs from the RLC working a 20 hour day to get the bullets out, then Rfn Hardbarsteward wouldn't be able to fire them. The cliche of the small cogs in a big machine holds true.
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  12. See last sentence on post number 6 :thumright:
  13. Really like your quote at the end. "You do an outstanding job though and I tip my beret to all of you" Doesn't for one second sound patronising. You spend the whole time running him down then give him a comment like that at the end. Your a typical 22year man with no vision other than the army and all things green. Quite sad really when the lad has been putting himself in grave danger. It has been said on a number of occasion's, statistic's, forums that it is "one of, if not the most dangerous job's there is in afghanistan at this time" next time you think of replying with a smarmy long ass winded comment, i suggest you put yourself in his shoe's. Sir/ssgt/sgt/cpl/lcpl/pte whatever you class yourself as. (GREEN)

  14. What are you on about you bellend? I trained in REST before Afghanistan kicked off and never had to do it for real (thank ****), therefore I don't have an opinion on this. I think you'll find that Fally, however, is more than qualified to have a view on this.
  15. Please dry your eyes then kill yourself.
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